Here at S2AS we’re pretty mad for Core Kites and why shouldn’t we be they’re incredible. In fact we believe in these kites so much we’ve become the first official� UK Test Centre� meaning if your based in the UK we will send you a kite free of charge for you to try out because we are so confident that you’ll love them that we’d be upset if you missed your opportunity to ride these tremendous kites.

**UPDATE** - The release of the new CORE XR PRO Kite is amazing news for core with a full Aluula Air frame make sure you check it out.


Designed and manufactured Germany to precise specifications, with a two year lifespan on every kite and six years access to replacement parts Core Kites are a truly unique company in the world of kitesurfing.


THe BIG Three


Angelo with the Core ‘Big Three’; GTS5, Nexus and XR5


Surface2Air recently had the pleasure of testing Core’s three main kites; GTS5, Nexus and XR5 and each of these kites really do excel in their own way. Core Kites really do have ‘kites for everyone’ no matter your style or ability.


Nexus: WAVe + | Freestyle | Freeride


The Core Nexus� completely new kite for 2018, this kite shares the DNA from the the freestyle orientated GTS 4 and the wave orientated Section 2. The most versatile kitesurf kite we’ve ever seen, fully adjustable and adaptable for the conditions or just your general mood for the day. Two characters, One kite!



XR5: high Performance Freeride +


The Core XR5 with over 10 years of development, this kite is a mega-boosting machine that delivers more hangtime than you can imagine! With a new leading edge, strut, and wingtip design for 2018 the XR5 delivers unmatched control in the gusts and an incredible range.



GTS5: freestyle + | Wave | Freeride


The Core GTS5� this advanced freestyle kite is the undisputed mega-loop champion of the world. A serious step up from the previous GTS iteration, this kite retains the signature Future-C design delivers next level kiteloops, and unhooked confidence.



The Core of the Matter


Core are light years ahead when it comes to their technology and manufacturing processes in all their kitesurfing equipment but it really shines through in their kites, no matter you’re preferred riding discipline. Wonderfully you do need to take our word for it, take full advantage of our� UK Test Centre and find out for yourselves.



As always give us a ring on 01202 738448 if you want anymore info on the Core Kites

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