Core XC1 Wing Review

Core XC1 Wing Review

Size tested: 5m Core XC1

Test conditions: 15-20kts

Location: Poole Harbour, Sandbanks. Overcombe, Weymouth.


Core XC1: A great wing from a brand which has taken the time to produce a sterling piece of kit


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Core? I didn't know they made wings.

Me neither. But as a mate pointed out the other day, they have been producing wings for SIC Maui for the last couple of years. Their pedigree in kiteboarding is one of the best, so I was very excited to try their debut model when it came out this summer. After a fair few sessions, I am happy to say it is one of the best wings I've tried.

It turns out that Core are pivoting their business to focus more on winging in the future. They are super stoked about it, and that enthusiasm for the sport shines in their products!


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How does the XC1 fly?

It feels complete and very stiff. The Core XC1 comes in a mid-aspect ratio that gives all the power you could want. Not the full boosty, rip-your-arms vibe we saw in previous wing generations, but there is definitely power. Lots of power!


Flying the Core XC1, you will appreciate how easily the power is dumped when it gets too much but turned back on immediately when you need it again. In addition, the high sweep of the front tube leads to a higher max speed while ensuring the overall agility of the wing is maintained. Core has leveraged their design process, making some of the best kites on the market to produce a wing that is not only super stiff but very controllable and nimble in the air.


On waves, the wing floats next to you very effortlessly. It doesn't ever want to flip over onto its back, as we have seen with so many other wings. One quick grab of those gorgeous solid handles, and you will be out back in no time.


Pumping is another area where this wing excels above the rest. It does feel like a fully cammed windsurf sail. It's pretty unnerving. The pull comes from the front and drives you upwards, allowing you to get on the foil super early. You can feel the added stiffness in the airframe delivering direct power transmission, which is especially useful during a waterstart!!


You can get away with a half-meter size down compared to most wings on the market, which gives you more wind range and freedom in your riding!!


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Special features?

Solid Handles

The solid handles offer very direct steering, making swapping hands a breeze. In addition, the EVA grip is hugely comfortable, extending your session due to less fatigue. So much better than the soft handles of the last few years!


Double Speed Valve

The double valve setup for bladder inflation and deflation is spot on. Deflation is rapid, and you can still use the one-pump system to pump up the whole wing together. In addition, the extra speed valve on the strut allows extra pressure to be added to the strut if needed.



The quality is superb. Like most Core products, they thought about it before it went into production. As a result, their dacron material is some of the best on the market. With this wing, they use their CoreTex 2 on the canopy and ExoTex 2 for the airframe. Both materials are incredibly tear-resistant, highly durable and have excellent UV protection!


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Who is it for?

This might be the one wing to do it all. The XC1 will have you cruising around in the slightest breezes but will not be annoying on a wave. You can jump super high, but also it would be great for learning. The stability of this wing really is unmatched, and ex-windsurfers will feel at home with how it feels in the air, as close to a sail as a light wing can be.


Pair the XC wing with the new wing-foiling range from Core (Roamer board and Spectrum foil) and you have a fully capable quiver killer!!


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Is it better than the rest?

For a first wing from Core, it is terrific. If you are looking for a new wing, then this should be taken very seriously.


Core has done what they do so well and waited until the market matured, then pitched a product with all the features you need and none that you don't.


They are a brand that likes thinking outside the box (think back to the twisty chicken loop), and this wing doesn't disappoint. Core were clever in feeling what people wanted whilst producing the SIC wings. They are bringing all that experience in-house to create one of the most impressive wings we've tested this year.


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This is for you if you want an all-around wing that can handle waves, flat water cruising, and gnarly big airs. Pick up a mid-range size, and you will never feel it lacking. The jack of all trades wing! So stable that a beginner could ride it on their first session, but stiff enough for the advanced rider to send something crazy. Core has got a lot right with this wing. So if winging was on your to-do list after the holidays (it definitely is for me :)), pick up a Core XC wing and enjoy!


You can find the Core XC Wing and the rest of the Core range available at S2AS.


See you on the water.



Bio: Former Olympic class windsurfer switched over to the dark side. Love a dancing session on the foil and a sendy boost. Big fan of new gear and development in the sport. 

Dims: 183cm, 80kgs


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