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The latest model in the CORE range, the Nexus bridges the gap between the CORE Section and the GTS, mixing the DNA and taking the positive characteristics of the two to create a true all rounder ready for most application.

In the air, the Nexus gives you lighter power steering feel in the bar that instills confidence, and the power it gives back to you is very progressive, which is particularly notable when jumping. It lifts you surprisingly high, but not incredibly aggressively and with generous float. That fly-by-wire feeling lets you not worry so much about your bar inputs and potential bad consequences and really boosts confidence. The smooth predictable pull and pivotal turn make it a kite which never perform unexpectedly. Looping the kite produces relatively gentle pull, with the kite spinning round immaculately.

The CIT settings on the leading edge have subtle effects on the flying characteristic, letting it fly further forward in the wind window for waves, or deeper for freestyle. In wave mode it’s a little heftier on the bar than the Section and required more steering inputs generally, but downwind drift is fairly good with the kite’s overall low weight. Also important for waves is that the relaunch is also pretty rapid as the kite retains its shape well when bogged down. This Kite has a super-smooth handling and predictability.

It is a kite that will appeal to anyone, from guys who have just done their first lesson onwards. The Nexus is a kite that can last you years into your riding career, particularly if you mix disciplines. It’s impressively clinical.


If y’ve got any more question about the Core Nexus Kitesurfing kite or any other Kitesurfing Kites please get in touch 01202 738448

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