Carfest is for me the best Family Festival you can go too. It’s perfect for all ages, from grandparents to toddlers. The site is enormous, and the facilities are 2nd to none for a campsite. It is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday event, and You can buy a day pass or a full weekend pass and camp, I recommend the 2nd option as its a great weekend for all the family.
Carfest raise over 2.5 million pounds in 2019 for Children in need wow! just wow!

What goes on at Carfest?
Well, first cars, lots and lots of vehicles from old vintage cars to modern-day supercars you get to see them all closeup and racing.
Music – Some of the worlds best band play the big stage live on all three nights, so you’re never at a loss of what to do.

Top tip! Arrive early get a good spot for your camp site, and This goes without saying, set up early to get it out the way and then you can relax and start to look at the program and make a plan for your weekend.

Now Carfest has loads! And i do mean loads, So many FREE experiences to do. Still, you need to be smart, As these get booked up fast and also if no booking is allowed the ques are crazy, So make sure to do these first thing, Get up early and as soon as the gates open from the campsites to the show head straight to the experience you want to do. This tip will enable you to spend the rest of your day, enjoying all the shows and music and not queuing for an experience. In 2019 the Jaguar Experience was a wait of around 2-3 hours! So it pays to head there first.

Carfest racing

Where do I start? You even have small convenience shops on the campsite that stock everything you would expect a small Tesco to have it’s fantastic. Then you have the shopping village from festival silly hats to Oakley Sunglasses, Not to forgot you could even buy a Car here! But this does not mean you need to head to Carfest with a load of cash on you, I took no money with me, and I bought a pair of Oakley Sunglasses from the Oakley stand at Carfest So don’t worry about that.

Shopping at Carfest

Famous people
You will see and rub shoulders with a load of them, Chris Evens runs this event, and that guy does draw in the Celebs so keep your eye out and your camera ready for that next selfie.


Music is a massive pull for Carfest, Chris Evens pulls some of the worlds best brands all together for this show as it’s all for Children in need so all for a terrific cause.
So my tp tip is look at who is playing, what stage they are on and when. Once you have this information, you can then plan to be at the right place at the right time. Make sure you get there early if you want to get close to the stage as you can have up to 100,000 people at the festival. It’s a good idea if you have a large family to set up your base and use that as your meeting point in the day also some camping chairs and a few blankets that kind of thing.

Music at Carfest

Well, you will not find a better option anywhere else. Carfest has some fantastic big names when it comes to food. From Pizza Express to Krispy Kreme, No one is going hungry at Carfest, Vegan, Vegetarian or meat lover you are all well catered for at Carfest.

Food at Carfest

Well, all that’s left is to say I hope you enjoy your visit to Carfest this year.

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