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Fireball is a sleek new approach to one of the most important points in kitesurfing, where the power of the kite meets the power of your body. It’s right here where Cabrinha introduce the new control system that’s about to revolutionize kitesurfing, kitesurfing kites and� kitesurfing bars & lines.

At the heart of the Fireball system is a ball and socket connection this allows unmatched freedom for the kite to move through the sky independent from the rider. Frictionless connections unlock your body movements while giving you precise control for the power and handling of your kite. You can immediately see this is something entirely different.


Fireball is an incredibly streamlined shape, staying true to Cabrinha’s form, the shape is minimal, organic, ergonomic and it’s designed from the ground up for kitesurfing. A hook and loop system has a natural tendency to leverage the spreader bar against your body. This results in discomfort and a decrease in power transfer from the body to the kite.


The Fireball system brings the pivot point very close to your body. The low profile design keeps the spreader bar from rotating into your body when the pull of the kite comes from overhead, producing around 50% less force against the rider’s core. Traditional kite hooks are around 11cm from your core, whereas the Fireball system keeps the pivot point just 3cm from your core and an orientation of approximately 35 degrees to match the average placement of the kite in the sky.


Because Fireball is a unidirectional shape, it can be connected in any orientation. Unlike a loop, it has no front, back, sides or specific orientation that you need to put the kite back on the harness after disconnecting. The ball is a natural swivel, so it’s not only capable of moving in a circle but can also rotate on a horizontal axis, something a loop cannot do!

This provides Fireball with a level of mobility that is unmatched in the kitesurfing industry.

Once connected you can secure the Fireball with Cabrinha’s innovative auto-lock gate. One of the most unique things about fireball is its locking system. Unlike a loop and security pin (donkey dick) system, the auto-lock gate is positioned on the spreader bar. This means that it’s available any time you need it, you can be locked and unlocked on the fly! The secure gate design automatically seats itself into position and provides a friction free method to keep fireball engaged into the socket. A security pin is awkward and clumsy to engage and disengage when compared to the Fireball whereas the Fireball can be engaged and disengaged with the flick of a finger. Unlocking the gate is just as simple, you’ll never be able to foul hook as you have no security pin, with Fireball, Cabrinha control the entire safety process, nothing is left to chance. Since Fireball is always engaged and the safety system disconnects from the ball and socket joint completely, you’ll never have to mess around with hooking back in either.


The fireball spreader bar is a cast stainless steel purpose built connection. The Fireball spreader bar is compatible with almost all of the major kitesurfing harness brands. It fits webbing sizes up to 4cm in the main connection and it also has tie-down lower strap connectors to keep the bar extra secure. It also has an easy release, which allows you to quickly and easily attach your harness to the spreader bar. Fireball’s easy release system engages from the top of the spreader bar with a clip so there’s nothing in the way of a clean connection.


Are you all ready for the most complete integrated connection solution in kitesurfing?


We certainly are and this is what we are calling our #gamechanger. Kitesurfing is about to explode, it’s about to feel so much more natural and comfortable to ride than ever before.

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