Surface 2 Air Sports, is run and staffed by kiteboarders, so we’re always interested in the newest kit on the block. The Cabrinha 2014 collection is shaping up to be a really good one. Today, we’re going to focus on just one element on of the new kit: the Hydra Series footstraps.

Why choose Cabrinha 2014 Hydra Series footstraps?

Hydra footstrapsare all about personalisation. They’re available in three sizes, two strap styles and each set can be customised to suit your foot size, heel pad preference and stance. They’re high-quality, precision made kit, and are an excellent choice for beginners and advanced kiteriders alike. All that, and they look good too – they’re available in a royal blue or a hot pink.

Hydra footstrap adjustment options

Tweaking your kit is key to creating a great ride, giving you the control and grip you need without sacrificing your comfort or safety. Hydra Series footstraps in the Cabrinha 2014 collection have multiple adjustment points including:
  • Velcro footstraps – tweak them to fit your feet
  • Width adjustment – ideal if you sometimes kiteboard in booties
  • Heel pad – choose from firm or soft
  • Duck adjustments – personalise your stance
  • Placement – set them forward or back on the board

H2 Hydra footstraps

The H2 Hydra Series footstraps are the most customisable of the Cabrinha 2014 footstraps. They have two adjustable velcro straps, allowing you more control over the fit of the board, plus all the adjustment options listed above. The Hydra H2 footstrap is a backless binding available in two sizes: small (under a UK size 8) and standard (UK size 8-16). These are a great choice if you know what you want, and you demand top quality and high levels of personalisation from your kit.

H1 Hydra Series footstraps

Simpler to use than the H2, the H1 Hydra footstrap is a good choice for kiteboarders looking for control and comfort. It’s less adjustable but easier to set up, and still has the high-quality finish we’ve come to expect from the Cabrinha 2014 collection. Like the H2, the H1 Hydra Series footstrap is available in small and standard sizes and has a multiple-density footbed and double toebar, designed to give you full control and a great grip without giving your heels a hard time on landings.

H1 Siren footstraps

If you have small feet (under a UK size 8) and you like hot pink, then this is the footstrap for you. Decidedly femme, the H1 Siren is aimed to complement their Siren range, and the colours certainly match. Otherwise, this is a disappointing strap – limited size availability and it seems to be an H1 Hydra with fewer adjustment options. While the Cabrinha 2014 collection has high quality overall, this is not their best strap.

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