Cabrinha has always been a brand associated with innovation in the kiting world, and this season’s 2014 gear is no different. The brand is constantly pushing the boundaries of product design to produce the most efficient, safe and most importantly FUN gear on the market. Below we are showing you some of the newest innovations and ranges for this year:

What’s new:

  • Overdrive 1x control system
  • Improved turning speed and performance for all kites
  • 2DR double ripstop kite material
  • Basalt & carbon fibre twin tip layups
  • Cork & bamboo sandwich surfboards
  • Hydra series footstraps
  • Air collection – engineered for women

The Overdrive Control Bar

Cabrinha Control Bar
The control bar can adjust to a full 8cm in seconds. It starts with a shorter bar length and can extend to the larger length if needs be. The 49cm standard bar is better for smaller kites. These adjustments can also be easily made on the water.


  • Bamboo and Cork surfboards making wave riding strong and flexible
  • New 2014 Volcanic Basalt – Custom CBL absorbs vibrations better
  • New 2014 Full Carbon – XCaliber Signature Model
  • New 2014 2DR Double Ripstop ensures less stretch and high durability

The Air Collection

Collection of Contra Kite, Overdrive 1XL, Stylus and Alias
The Air Collection is a set of light wind tools that is perfect for light wind riding. The 3 micro struts improve performance using their lightweight materials. Show off to everyone on the beach as they wonder how you are riding in less than windy conditions.�
Using the Air Collection

Siren Collection

Equipment from the Siren Collection
This collection is designed specifically for women. The equipment has been crafted to enhance the experience for women; with shorter boards, smaller chicken loops and footstraps. The design is bright and bold and has been developed alongside Susi Mai.�
Susi Mai Kiteboarding

Footstraps Hydra Series

H2 Hydra SeriesH1 Hydra Series


Two new footstraps are available in this series. The H1 has a single adjustment strap and the H2 has two adjustment straps. They are sold separately which is great as each rider can choose which footstrap is more suitable for them. Both models are available in two sizes; standard and small.


Rider doing tricks


Check back from the end of August when we get all the new gear in. Until then grab a great deal on all the current 2013 Cabrinha gear here.
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