Ride snowboards vs Bataleon Snowboards

Bataleon Vs Ride

Bataleon VS Ride - What's best suited to you? 

Welcome to the thrilling world of snowboarding, where technological innovations shape the ride of a lifetime. In this blog, we'll unravel the cutting-edge technologies of two powerhouse snowboard brands – Bataleon Snowboards and Ride Snowboards. Join us as we explore how their unique tech transforms the snowboarding experience.

  1. Triple Base Technology vs. Hybrid Camber: Elevating Your Ride

    • Bataleon's Triple Base Technology:This innovation includes a lifted side base on the nose and tail, creating a spoon-like profile, while the central base section remains flat for stability. The benefits of 3BT include enhanced float in powder, improved edge-to-edge transitions, and reduced edge catching on uneven terrain. Giving a more 'floaty' feel compared to Ride.
    • Ride's Hybrid Camber: Ride's Hybrid Camber typically features a section of traditional camber between the bindings for stability and edge control, and then transitions to rocker towards the tip and tail for a more forgiving and playful feel. This design aims to offer the best of both worlds, providing the responsiveness and power of camber, along with the versatility and manoeuvrability of rocker.
  2. Sidecut and Edge Technology: Carving Through Innovation

    • Bataleon's Sidekick Technology: Bataleon's Sidekick Technology enhances sidecut, providing a seamless and forgiving ride. The Sidekick technology is designed to improve turn initiation, enhance float in powder, and minimize edge catching. If combined with Bataleon's 3BT, Sidekick enhances the overall versatility and performance of the snowboard. Suited to comfort and forgiveness
    • Ride's Slimewalls: Absorb impacts and conquer vibrations with Ride's urethane-infused Slimewalls, ensuring a smoother, more controlled snowboarding experience. Allowing more responsiveness and precise feeling. 
  3. Core Construction: Building Performance from Within

    • Bataleon's Core Tech: Lift the curtain on Bataleon's core construction, showcasing lightweight performance and efficient energy transfer. With a wooden core allowing for more flex and pop. With carbon stringers running down the sides to give some stiffness 
    • Ride's Carbon Array: Explore the strength and responsiveness of Ride's boards with Carbon Array technology strategically placed in the core. This allows the boards to run slightly stiffer in the centre whilst offering more flex on the tip and tail. 
  4. Base Materials and Durability: Riding on Innovation

    • Bataleon's Hyper Glide S Base: Discover the advantages of Bataleon's extruded base material, offering durability, low maintenance, and easy repair.
    • Ride's Sintered Base: Accelerate your speed with Ride's sintered base, designed for improved wax retention and enhanced durability.
  5. Specialized Technology for Women's Boards: Empowering Your Journey

    • Both Ride and Bataleon are more focused towards women's boards creating a board suitable with revised flex

Ultimately, the choice between Bataleon and Ride depends on individual preferences, riding styles, and terrain preferences. Bataleon appeals to those seeking a playful and forgiving ride, particularly in powder, while Ride's Hybrid Camber caters to riders desiring stability, responsiveness, and adaptability across diverse conditions.
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