What’s Airush’s Direction for 2017?

Tech. Stealth.

Airush’s kites this year look like they’re made in the bat cave for Bruce Wayne himself. Featuring a myriad of super cool looking features in their kites for this year, Airush Kitesurf Kites are looking to be some of the most technologically advanced kites on the market for 2017.

The 2017 Razor

The 2017 Airush Razor Kitesurfing Kite has been completely redesigned for this season however it’s niche in the market is still the freestyle/wakestyle crowd. It’s got super pop and responsiveness.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.15.58.png

New Load Frame

Airush are the only kites in production for 2017 that are using a brand new way of loading the canopy of the kite. Using triangular shapes of material called ‘Dyneema’ to lattice the canopy instead of a polyester coating, Airush are able to make a canopy that is 40% stronger than it’s counterparts and stretches 30% less. This lack of stretch increases the overall life of the kite and enables owners to hold on to it for much longer without losing performance.

In addition to the Dyneema Load Frame, the Technoforce D2 is a finer lattice which works with the Dyneema frame to increase the load that the kite can take on. This canopy is likely to be the best on the market.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.17.33.png

High Quality DP175 Dacron

Manufactured in Germany and tested to be the highest quality Dacron available on the market for the 2017 range of kites. This is used both on the struts and on the leading edge of the kite to create the most light weight, impact and tear resistant material available for kite construction.

5th Line

The 5th line on the Razor gives the kite a more direct response and is set with a little more tension to keep in line with the rigidity of the rest of the kite.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.18.27.png


The new 6 MTR replaces the 5.5 MTR kite from 2016, it creates a more stable platform to pop wakestyle tricks off and it has better gust response.

In addition to this, it’s just as manoeuvrable in the wind window due to the new canopy, responsiveness and rigidity. It’s a better kite.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.18.49

So you can see the direction that Airush are going in with their new kites and the rest of the lineup is no different:

A brief rundown of what’s been happening for 2017;

– For the� Diamond Series, developed through close collaboration with World Tour contender Bruna� Kajiya, the collection has expanded to cover an even larger and more versatile range of� female-specific products.� The focus on both the technical and visual attributes have led to the increased success of this collection. As well as a new harness, we see the introduction of a new female specific surfboard for 2017.

– The� Core Series� is developed to combine the highest performance possible, sharing technology with� our Team Series� without compromising on ease of use. Featuring� ground-breaking products such as� the Benchmark Union and Lithium Kites, this series is developed specifically for the rider looking for� versatility and the latest innovation� in a very technical collection. The Union is tighter and more responsive, while the Lithium keeps it’s� multidiscipline� focus.

– The� Progression Series� is Airush’s commitment to growing the sport of kiteboarding and remains unchanged for 2017 (aside the new marketing focus) bringing an extra year of life to any product you may have left on the shelf. Of particular note for 2017, is the continuation of the highly successful new 17m DNA. It’s been responsible for a lot of lessons and new clients in 2016 that would never have happened in such light winds before now.

– The� Foil program. Next week the boards land and hopefully soon after the first alloy foils. I have been riding the proto for some time now and it’s very much a premium product with a long pedigree, thanks to nearly 3 years of work from Jerome at Radical.

–� Team Series Black� showcases the premium� competition-driven collection. These are products developed without� compromise using only the best� technology available to perform at the highest level in the freestyle, wave and racing arenas.
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