For those of you who are new to longboarding, this will be an invaluable read!

Firstly let’s begin with what is a longboard?

A longboard is a longer variation of the skateboard (it is not simply a longer skateboard) with different style wheels, the lengths and widths of these boards varies widely depending on the rider and what the board’s intended use is.

No matter what the use of the board it should never be longer than the rider is tall or it will be
difficult to control.

Who is a longboard for?

Everyone! But particularly those who enjoy snowboarding and surfing as it will come more naturally to you. If you have never surfed or snowboarded then don’t be put off, longboarding is a really fun and a great way to get around and if you then take up snowboarding or surfing you will find your experience on a longboard invaluable.

Perks of a longboard over a skateboard

The wheels on a longboard offer more manoeuvrability as well as the ability to hit higher speeds than regular skateboards. The board widths also vary so it is easier to perform grabs and straight Ollies. Longboards really are designed for you to have fun on and build skills as you go.

The most important thing is finding the right longboard for you. That’s why at S2AS we have a wide and varied range of different size and shape longboards.

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