This year, we decided to incorporate a few new brands into our shop, to help give you guys loads of variety when it comes to choosing the right gear. Check them all out below!


ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots have been on our list for a while now, and it’s easy to see why we’ve finally decided to put them in the lineup of our 2018 Brands. These Snowboarding Boots feature some of the most premium, high-end materials available, with the longest-lasting performance and fit! Originally founded in 1996, ThirtyTwo Boots quickly became the staple for Snowboarding boots, offering some of the best fitting boots available. They use technology such as their Elite Footbed and 3D Moulded-Tongues to enable you to perfect that fit on your boot, and keep shredding for seasons to come! ThirtyTwo’sTM-3 is the highest end boot, featuring both of the mentioned technologies and more. With some awesome colourways, and a Scott Stevens Pro Model, all Whiteout Boot, be sure to check them out!

For 2018, we’ve also decided to look more at innovative companies as well as the classics. Falling into that category are the Switchback Bindings Co. The company straight out of the Netherlands have managed to perfect what other companies have been trying to do for years, design a completely Tool-Less Snowboard Binding. These bindings are fully customisable, which means in the event you need to swap out any part, you can do it in no time at all, without tools. The bindings are also designed to be fully interchangeable, meaning you can purchase different highbacks, straps, bases and more, and mount them straight onto your already awesome pair of bindings. This, for us, is a massive plus, as all of our Snowboard Team ride in different places at once. One week it’ll be the Piste, while the next it could be shredding up the Park. Having these different options allows you to have one binding for every situation, in turn saving you loads of money!

Stance Socks, hands down, make some of the coolest Snowboarding accessories we’ve ever seen. Their socks even have as much technology packed into them as some of our boots! First of all, they use a technology called a Y-Gore Seam. This� basically means your heel sits a lot lower in the sock, which in turn makes the sock hug your foot a lot better, reducing movement in your boot. Another key point with these is that they’re anatomically correct, meaning that the left sock is different to the right sock. This, again, helps with grip, as each sock is designed specifically to the shape of your left and right foot. Paired with the Compression Technology they use, which translates your muscles movement into more input to the boot, makes for an amazing riding sock! Stance also have collab’ed with some of the biggest named brands to bring you some awesome designs, featuring socks from Star Wars, Biggie Smalls, and even Hello Kitty Socks!

Bataleon Snowboards were in the shop last year, but with their addition of their new technology Sidekick for this year, we’ve decided to include them in the lineup. Bateleon have been creating and innovating their boards since 2001, and it really does show. Every year, they try to improve on what they’ve done in the previous year, and this year it’s been the addition of Sidekick. This never-before-seen technology adds onto their already amazing Triple Base Technology, in the fact that� they’ve added sidebase uplift on the widest points of the nose and tail. What this does is lets you initiate a turn much more smoothly that you would any other board, increases float in powder, and also improves handling of the board in rough terrain. Bataleon then also tailor this Sidekick to the style of the board, with the Powder Snowboards having an increased angle, and the All-Mountain Snowboards having considerably less.

And that rounds up our list for 2017/18. Be sure to head over to www.s2as.com to check out all our 2018 Winter Gear, and our Facebook Page for more info on product releases, and the shop!

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