Every season S2AS get the opportunity to go and test out the new range of snowboards, boots and bindings. This year we have tested the 2025 snowboards and bindings from the biggest brands in the world!

Every year our aim is to single out the best products using all our professional knowledge and experience to then add these boards, binding and boots to our stock so that everyone can have the time of their life when hitting the slopes. At the end of the day if we like it, we stock it and if we don't stock it it means we don't necessarily think it would be suited four our customer bases needs.

Another thing we look out for when testing all the new products would to be what has changed and improved in terms of technology and design, sometimes products can be carry-overs where the graphics are the only thing that change. keeping that in mind a lot of the time brands do bring out gear with new and improved technology but we have also seen models massively improve on tech and design too!

If you think that sounds awesome then you should definitely keep an eye out for our other Video reviews on our S2AS Youtube channel as we get new information on the BRAND NEW 2025 range of Snowboarding equipment We will add more content to our blogs and also our youtube channel.

But right now lets take a quick look at the new 2025 range of Snowboarding equipment from some of the worlds best snowboard brands.  

Welcome to the 2025 European Snowboard test:

Nidecker Supermatic Bindings 2025:

Union Bindings & Capita Snowboards:

ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots & Ride Snowboards:

Never Summer Snowboards:

So thats it for now, Thanks for watching and we will release some sick review videos on the new 2025 Bataleon snowboards range also The New Jones Snowboard Range just to name a few so remember to subscribe to our channel so you are notified as soon as we drop a new video review.

thanks again shred hard - S2AS Team

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