2024 Ronix Wakeboards

2024 Ronix Wakeboards

Ronix developers consider wakeboarding as a true sport and have developed their wakeboards accordingly. Wakeboarding is different to every other board out there as the hips and shoulders are parallel to each other. Ronix have therefore developed wakeboards and wakeboard boots that allow the rider to have as much control as possible.

Ronix offers an extremely versatile range of wakeboards. Built and modified to adapt to any specific riding style. Take our word for it; it’s going to be really hard to find a better wakeboard brand than Ronix.

Ronix Wakeboards have allowed many contestants to win titles in the WWA Nationals and Worlds. This is because the fins, rocker, and shape of the Ronix Wakeboards. Engineers have crafted these boards with the utmost precision and intelligence, shaping them via compression molding. Furthermore, they strategically place the wakeboard fins to provide the rider with maximum grip for riding the board. Without having to use excessive attack angles when riding behind the boat.

What are Ronix Wakeboards?

Ronix Wakeboards, designed for riders of all skill levels, boast high-quality craftsmanship. They have gained recognition for their innovative technology, durability, and outstanding performance on the water. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, Ronix has a wakeboard that will suit your needs.

In 2024 Ronix have taken their Wakeboards to the next level. New technologies and designs to make their boards even more exciting and innovative.


Why Choose Ronix Wakeboards?

There are several reasons why you should consider choosing Ronix Wakeboards:

  • Advanced Technology: Ronix uses cutting-edge technology to design their wakeboards. They incorporate features such as carbon fiber construction, variable rail design, and innovative rocker profiles. To enhance performance and control on the water.
  • Durability: Ronix Wakeboards boast a durable construction designed to withstand the rigors of wakeboarding. Crafted with high-quality materials, they are built to last. Ensuring that your board will hold up over time.
  • Performance: Ronix wakeboards are designed to maximize performance on the water. They offer excellent stability, responsiveness, and manoeuvrability, allowing riders to push their limits and perform tricks with ease.
  • Versatility:  They offer a wide range of models with different shapes, sizes, and features to cater to various riding preferences. Whether riding behind a boat or hitting the cable park, Ronix has a wakeboard to suit your style

What's New in the 2024 Ronix Wakeboards?

The 2024 Ronix Wakeboard lineup introduces several exciting updates and innovations:

  • Improved Construction: The 2024 models feature enhanced construction techniques that result in lighter and stronger wakeboards. This allows for better performance and increased durability.
  • New Designs: Ronix has introduced fresh and eye-catching designs for the 2024 wakeboards. From vibrant graphics to sleek finishes, these boards are sure to turn heads on the water.
  • Advanced Features: The 2024 wakeboards come equipped with new and improved features to enhance performance. From advanced features and customisable control to optimised rocker profiles for better pop, these boards are designed to take your riding to the next level. 

2024 Ronix Wakeboards S2AS are excited about 

1) 2024 Ronix Utopia 

The 2024 Ronix Utopia is new to Ronix's range this year, being Trent Stuckey's first Signature board. 

Trent sought a conventional construction but aimed to incorporate a taper through the tip and tail to achieve the thinnest profile of any Ronix board. The outcome is a board that facilitates easier loading into a tip or tail press than anything you have ever ridden, catering to both beginners and seasoned pros.

A relaxed rocker line in a class all by itself which allows for speed on the water and stability on features, and the curve between the boots provides softer landings. Streamlining the channels ensures that you won't feel them while riding a feature.

The Utopia also has a tip/tail concave to lock onto those pipe features as well as enhance on water performance. Trent also wanted finite stance options, so the inserts are spaced 25% closer together and Ronix added 4 additional inserts for a greater spread of stance widths.

2) 2024 Ronix Kinetik 

The 2024 Ronix Kinetik offers a soft bendable tip and tail blending to a standard flex in the center. This Kinetik Project has a traditional mid-section and extra pliable ends for more of a locked in feel on presses and rebounding out of them. With a slightly updated flex pattern in 2024 this board is sure to get you landing new tricks. 

With cable boards you want leverage points where a certain part of the board compresses until the fulcrum kicks in with snap back. This series does that by allowing a rider to exaggerate their press with the softest flex numbers in the tip/tail – but as the press gains a high degree of angle, the center of the board prevents it from folding over.

A design with less rocker for infinite top water speed, reduced drag, and more overall contact with the deepest G&R channels of any of our cable boards for extra traction.  The designers created the cable kingpin design for an exaggerated technical nose/tail press with added snap back compared to a Utopia counterpart. 

 3) 2024 Ronix RXT 

The 2024 Ronix RXT - A lightweight, reactive mystery – last year we took our speediest, well-rounded board and shed over 1.5lbs of weight. New foam - new sworn to secrecy ingredients – new ways to ride a board.

This year we added a finite insert pack making the difference in stance options 25% closer than its predecessor - created for riders that want a very specific width between their feet. The RXT’s tip / tail shape breaks up the water for softer landings and is even more lenient on unstable drops from the sky.

Now you can correct yourself and ride away with ease from a shape that will reward - not penalize you - from being off target. The RXT has our fastest rockerline for more momentum out into the flats, and smooth predictable take offs. Our secret sauce - Blackout. 

This board is really exciting to seeing how it feels and rides on the water being this much lighter and with the new stance options.

4) 2024 Ronix One

The 2024 Ronix One keeps getting better, Ronix took their 3-Stage Rocker Icon and shed over 1.5 lbs. of weight for precision, agility, and a new level of high-energy.

This construction makes every wake jump feel like a double up with even more kick along with reduced weight. This board endorsed by one of the sport’s greats - Nic Rapa – was created for the ultimate hangtime off big wakes but also gets a solid air for those riding behind smaller wakes.

The Ronix One shape was recently widened for a bigger sweet spot and added stability and can also plane easier at slower speeds. The updated board is going to be lighter, stiffer and more fun to ride. 


The new 2024 Ronix Wakeboard lineup is incredibly exciting and a step forward in construction, materials and set up. Ronix have spent a lot of time in R&D perfecting their boards this year, so 2024 is definitely one not to be missed.

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