For over a decade, Bataleon has been the industry leader in 3D shape technology. They have tinkered and developed their patented 3BT shapes. Creating boards with traditional camber and lifted contact points, making snowboarding more enjoyable for all. Hand built in Austria by the best snowcrafters in the world. Bataleon will always push the envelope in snowboard design and performance.

Bataleon has been one of our flagship brands here at S2AS over the past few years, and with good reason. Their innovative design ideas, and forward moving attitude has always been something that has interested us in the shop. When our team tested the range of 2024 Bataleon Boards at the Snowboard Test this year. Its safe to say they fell in love. There were 3 in particular that caught the eye of our team, these were as follows:

 1) 2024 Bataleon Goliath Plus 

The 2024 Bataleon Goliath Plus snowboard continues its legacy as a versatile all-mountain option. With Bataleon's Triple Base Technology. It offers a balanced mix of manoeuvrability and stability, performing well on groomers, in powder, and park . The medium flex, supported by carbon additives, translates into responsive edge-to-edge transitions and lively jumps. While it excels across various terrains, riders seeking a specialised board for specific styles might explore other options. Overall, the Goliath Plus impressed us. With its durability, speed-enhancing sintered base, and adaptability for riders ranging from intermediate to advanced levels. 

2) 2024 Bataleon Whatever 

The 2024 Bataleon Whatever has a medium flex which strikes a solid balance between responsiveness and forgiveness, catering to a wide range of skill levels. This is further complemented by the board's incorporation of carbon additives, providing snappy energy transfers and impressive pop off jumps. While excelling across the mountain, riders focused on specific disciplines like aggressive carving or deep powder may want to consider more specialized alternatives. In summary, the 2024 Bataleon Whatever snowboard stands out for its adaptable nature, durability, and suitability for riders seeking a well-rounded and exciting experience across diverse terrain. 

3) 2024 Evil Twin 

The 2024 Bataleon Evil Twin's carbon additives contribute to its lively feel, translating rider input into quick spins, controlled presses, and solid ollies. While its performance is exceptional in park settings and all-around freestyle scenarios, riders with a strong inclination towards aggressive carving or deep powder might explore more specialized alternatives. In summary, the 2024 Bataleon Evil Twin snowboard continues to excel as a durable and dynamic choice, catering to riders who prioritize freestyle progression and creativity in their mountain experience.

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