Whatever, whenever, wherever!


The 2019 Bataleon Whatever� is a fantastic snowboard that is coincidently perfect for “whatever” you want to ride! (Ed. Bataleon would like to point out this was not a coincidence and was, in fact, a purposeful design)



Designed for ‘whoever’ (these jokes will be a theme) the Bataleon Whatever has a medium flex pattern (5/10) soft enough to start mastering first turns on yet responsive enough to beast the whole mountain. And having a 99% twin profile is perfect mastering switch riding or poping lovely 180 boardslides off rails.

As always at the heart of every� Bataleon snowboard is 3BT and 2019 Whatever is no different, delivering incredible versatility that allows the rider to go ‘wherever’ they want, three separate panels create a 3D profile the creates more float in powder, less edge catch on groomer and smoother landings in the park. Only made better by the recent introduction of Sidekick technology makes riding Bataleon snowboards even more enjoyable.


Less edge-catching, more eye-catching


Reinforced with one carbon stringers that runs down the middle of the snowboard from inserts to inserts, stiffens the centre of the board for improved responsiveness and to reduce speed wobbles when bombing it down the piste, however, leaves the tips of the board buttery soft to maintain that playful riding style.



New for 2019 the Bataleon Whatever has been upgraded with D.S.T. (Dual Super Tubes) two hollow carbon rods milled into the core of the snowboard to help reduce the overall weight as well as providing more snap when popping off of features and also producing more power when pushing out of nice big arcing carves across the piste.

Thanks to its Super Slick Extruded base the Whatever can ride ‘whenever’ as this is the highest density of extruded base possible, it is extremely durable base great for end of season when rocks and trees start poking through again but also very quick for ideal for mid-season when there’s plenty of snow to go around.



The 2019 Bataleon Whatever really is a board for ‘whatever’, but all joking aside anyone who is looking for a one quiver board that they can use anywhere on the mountain no matter the conditions, their personal style or ability level, the Whatever has something for them!

Available in five different size option from 151cm all the way to 162cm Wide and at� £399� covered by a 2-year warranty this snowboard is a fantastic choice for anyone!


Thanks for reading! If you want any more information on the 2019 Bataleon Whatever� or any other� Bataleon Snowboards give us a call on� 01202 738448


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