An all-mountain Machine


The 2019 Bataleon Jam� is a no nonsense snowboard designed to be ridden hard and fast! Based around the Goliath� but with dials turned up to eleven, this is snowboard for seasoned riders who demand performance and power.

A stiff (7/10) all-mountain board with 99% twin shape that is slightly longer in the nose providing additional float and easier directional riding but just as easy to ride away switch from 540s as traditional twin tipped snowboard.


Freestyle 3BT with Sidekick


The Bataleon Jam is packed full of technology starting with Freestyle 3BT, Bataleon’s most recognised profiling that offers a proportional ratio of centrebase to medium uplift sidebase for an incredibly versatile ride, gaining extra float in the powder, easy to lock in edges and lovable park performance. This year the Triple Base Technology has been enhanced with Sidekick, concave shaping just past the contact points for even smoother riding.


The Specs Lowdown


What really separates the Jam for the rest is the full length carbon stringers that run from the tip to the tail of the snowboard, which considerably stiffen the board, ideal for aggressive riding and stomping big features both in the park and the backcountry. Also the increased camber profile, the Bataleon call their ‘Dynamic Camber’ sigificantly increased the pop generated by this board off of jumps!



The performance of the 2019 Jam is further increased thanks the Bataleon’s major core upgrade of D.R.S.T (Dual Radial Super Tubes) six hollow carbon rods milled directly into the core of the board that provides reduced swing weight as well as quicker toe to heel response.


For riders who take their snowboarding seriously


Bataleon� have also given the Jam an Ultra Glide Sintered Base which one of the most durable and quickest bases they make, ideal for snowboard like this. Finally, like all Bataleon snowboards’ the� Jam� is completely covered by a 2-year warranty one of the best in the industry.



So the 2019 Bataleon Jam is a snowboard for riders who like to send it big on the mountain whether thats in the park, in the backcountry or just blasting down groomers this board has got you covered!


Thanks for reading! If you want any more information on the 2019 Bataleon Jam� or any other� Bataleon Snowboards give us a call on� 01202 738448


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