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The 2019 Bataleon Goliath� is an absolute winner, one of the best sellers at S2AS and truly fantastic all-mountain snowboard! Having been in the Bataleon line-up almost as long as the Evil Twin, it keeps coming back getter better with every season and this year is no exception.

A medium stiffness (6/10) and 99% twin profile help deliver this snowboard’s amazing versatility on the slopes. Maybe not ideal for absolute beginners anyone who has finished their lessons and can confidently turn will find the 2019 Goliath the perfect board to progress their snowboarding to the next level, while seasoned will receive endless hours of fun and performance.



As with all Bataleon snowboards, 3BT is the ‘not so secret’ secret that really makes the Goliath the true king of the mountain. Freestyle 3BT to be exact which means a proportional sidebase to centrebase ratio equalling more stability when charging, increased float in the pow, and improved park performance with less edge catch on rails and smoother landings off kickers.


All-mountain for all riders


Two carbon stringers are also placed into the base of the snowboard to provide dampening when landing jumps or chatter vibrating up for iced up groomers. The carbon placement also reduces speed wobbles when charging and help make the board more responsive underfoot but leaves the nose and tail nice and soft ideal for butters and pressing.


All important carbon placement


New for 2019 Bataleon have also included D.R.S.T. (Dual Radial Super Tubes) 6 hollow carbon rods milled into the core of the Goliath, allowing for massive reduction in swing weight as well creating more dynamic snap for better air and improving edge hold when carving.


2019 Bataleon Goliath x BYND MDLS


Lastly, Bataleon have also released a limited Goliath x BYND MDLS� edition by working in collaboration with� Bataleon rider Tor Lundstrom and friend Kevin Backstrom.

The 2019 Bataleon Goliath is a true all-mountain freestyle board that will excel anywhere in any condition, Surfuce2Air recommend pairing it with the 2019 Switchback Session Bindings to get the most performance out of the board whilst still retaining some of the playfulness.


Coming in at £469 the Goliath is loaded with tech and is one of the best sub £500 snowboards on the market today and itis available in six different sizes including three wide options so there is certainly a size for everyone


Thanks for reading! If you want any more information on the 2019 Bataleon Goliath� or Bataleon Snowboards give us a call on� 01202 738448



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