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2019 Bataleon Fun Kink� is an all mountain snowboard, dedicated to the true spirit of the sport; having fun! With its mid-soft flex (4/10) and 99% twin profile, this is a snowboard that can be ridden anywhere by anyone, a forgiving performance that’s easy to learn on, fantastic to butter about the piste and rides just as comfortably switch as a twin tip!


Bataleon Twin 3BT


Utilising Bataleon‘s Twin 3BT (Triple Base Technology), which shapes the board with three separate� panels; a flat mid-section for stability and greater speed when riding flat (great when on slow running cat tracks) then two uplifted side section that produces better float in powder as well as significantly reducing edge catch (fantastic for beginners or hitting features in the park).



new for 2019


In addition to 3BT Bataleon have added Sidekick which further lifts the board out of the snow past the contact points on the snowboard improving the float in the powder as well as allowing the board glide through less perfect conditions (ice/hardpack) better.

The 2019 Bataleon Fun Kink also benefits from the new core upgrade D.S.T. (Dual Super Tube) two hollow carbon tube milled into the core of the snowboard the dramatically reduces weight while also providing more snap when popping off jumps and side-hits.


The Bataleon Fun Kink� is the perfect snowboard for anyone who doesn’t take their riding too seriously and just wants to have a good time on the mountain, it also pairs beautifully with the 2019 Switchback Smith Bindings.

Coming in at� £379� this snowboard is also ideal for any rider just starting out but still after something that can progress with their riding, and is available in a huge range of sizes to suit any weight, foot size or preference!


Thanks for reading! If you want any more information on the 2019 Bataleon Fun Kink� or Bataleon Snowboards give us a call on� 01202 738448


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