2016 was a year to remember for Slingshot, especially with Aaron Gunn winning Plastic Playground. Slingshot wakeboards have got better and better through the years, and we predict they’ll only get better.

The 2017 season is set to be the best one yet. In this blog, we’ll go over some of Slingshot’s new Wakeboards for 2016.

2017 Slingshot Shredtown:

2017-Slingshot-Shredtown-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The 2017 Shredtown has been overhauled to include our NEW tapered Flex Tips and a smooth new tip shape. When it comes to park and street style riding, the Shredtown Crew and their pro model board are blazing the trail into the future. A continuous rocker makes the Shredtown fast and efficient for short run-ups, while chined rails, Fusion Sidewalls and the new Ballistic Base give the board the bomber durability the Shredtown crew demands.

We say: The new Shredtown definitely performs well in the park when it comes to grinds and slides. The new Flex tips allow for the board to have a flexier tip than core, which makes those nosepress and tailpress slides even easier. The new Ballistic Base also stands out this year compared to last year, with a much more durable and slidey design. It’s Vertically Laminated Core give it an extreme lightweight design, while the Carbon Bedrock Inserts strengthen the all important binding tension.

2017 Slingshot Reflex:

2017-Slingshot-ReflexSlingshot say:� The Reflex has been a park favorite for years. It is the foundation for several of the other park boards in our line and is the perfect choice for rail riders who like to keep things simple. The Reflex’s classic outline and tip shape allow for some of the smoothest slides in the park. Chined rails protect your edges while sliding less than perfect surfaces and are a great help in perfecting your MJ slides.

We say:� The Reflex this year has been one of our top contenders in the Park Board category. It’s simplicity yet performance makes it a perfect cable board, while the price point doesn’t break the bank. With Carbon Bedrock Inserts and 3 Stage Rocker, this will easily be your favourite cable board.

2017 Slingshot Terrain:

2017-Slingshot-Terrain-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The Terrain is the perfect board for riders looking to improve their rail riding skills in the park. The extra soft flex pattern allows for big presses and helps riders understand the feeling of locking on and holding a press. The Terrain has a wide profile and fast continuous rocker line, allowing riders like two-time Wake Park World Champion Aaron Gunn to cruise effortlessly through the park and focus on mastering each and every obstacle.

We say:� The Terrain has been the choice of board for Aaron Gunn for a while now, and we can see why. This year, they’ve added a continuous rocker to give the board more of a snow feel. This paired with Slingshot’s new Fusion Sidewalls make it a perfect cable board for any skilled rider.

2017 Slingshot Windsor:

2017-Slingshot-Windsor-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The Windsor board has a whole new feel in 2017, thanks to the addition of our new tapered Flex Tip Technology. For years, James has been asking for a park board that is stiff in the center with a significantly softer tip and tail. The stiff center helps maintain pop off the water, as well as speed through big kicker landings. The soft tips allow the rider to lock into presses with very little resistance from the stiffness of the board. After a few seasons of perfecting this new design, we have delivered James’ dream board. Once you press on a Slingshot Flex Tip board, you’ll never feel the same about your old setup.

We say: A lot has changed this year for the Windsor, but don’t worry, we’re here to run you through it. First of all, the addition of the Flex Tip Technology allows the tips to flex much more than the middle of the board, perfect for slides. Next, the Tip and Tail Channels allow for a smooth and buttery ride. The Vertically Laminated Core along with the Carbon Bedrock Inserts make this one of the lightest boards on the market.

2017 Slingshot Valley:

2017-Slingshot-Valley-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The Valley is a new female-specific park board designed for riders looking to take their rail riding skills to the next level. The extra soft flex pattern allows for big presses and helps riders experience the true feeling of locking in and holding a press. The flex also brings new excitement to the simple moves like carves and sprays. The Valley’s wide profile and fast continuous rocker line allow the rider to cruise effortlessly through the park and put all their focus on mastering each and every obstacle. The Valley features the gorgeous signature artwork of Ms. Kim Kirch, the most influential artist in women’s wakeboarding.

We say: The new women’s wakeboard from Slingshot offers a high performance package wakeboard, tailored to meet the female anatomy. It’s Flex Pattern helps the rider to achieve those long buttery presses and to add a kick to the simpler tricks. It’s Ballistic Park Base and Fusion Sidewalls make it the perfect board for the park rider.

2017 Slingshot Solo:

2017-Slingshot-Solo-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The Solo is a completely new crossover board designed by pro rider Dylan Miller and legendary Slingshot shaper Tony Logosz. Never before have we been able to incorporate so many unique performance features into one board. The Solo is the first of a whole new breed from Slingshot. It is a board that appeals to every riding environment. New tapered Flex Tip Technology creates an entirely new sensation for riding rails by allowing the rider to lock into presses without having to fight the rigidity of the board. Subtle channels located between the feet help to increase traction and stiffen the belly, giving the Solo more immediate pop off the wake, while the center V-Spine helps break up water tension for big landings, both behind the boat and in the park. The Solo also has a noticeably narrower outline shape, giving it more of a snow feel.

We say:� The Solo is for the ride that wants a crossover board, with a subtle hint of snow feel. Using the Flex Tip Technology, the rider can easily lock in a press with almost no effort, due to the middle of the board being stiffer than both tips. This technology is great for the park rider who wants to devote their riding to obstacles and the cable. The Solo also performs behind the boat exceptionally, with the V-Spine taking the impact on the water for a softer landing.

2017 Slingshot Whip:

2017-Slingshot-Whip-WakeboardSlingshot say:� One of the most difficult feats in wakeboard design is achieving an ideal balance between traction and speed; one is often sacrificed to achieve the other. The Whip, however, has both, thanks to Slingshot’s signature NACA Tech Channels. These precision laser-cut channels increase the board’s traction on edge without sacrificing glide speed. With the Whip, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: speed and freedom on rails, with reliable traction when edging. The Whip has a medium flex pattern which gives it a strong pop off the wake and plenty of snap off the water for big ollies.

We say:� The Whip is the perfect board for the rider who rides cable as much as boat. The NACA Tech Channels in the board offer immense traction, while still maintaining the speed and glide of the board. The Flex Pattern of the board let’s you get even bigger airtime off the wake. We like this board, for one reason; it doesn’t compromise on anything, and goes in all guns blazing.

2017 Slingshot Oli:

2017-Slingshot-Oli-WakeboardSlingshot say:� Like a chameleon, Oli Derome is a master of adaptation. Whether it’s a boat, cable or winch, Oli does it all. For Slingshot, it’s important that his board does the same. A true master of every situation, the Oli Pro features a medium flex pattern for a lively feel in the park and plenty of kick off the wake. The tip and tails feature single NACA channels for a bite on edge that is subtle enough for uninhibited sliding obstacles in the park.

We say: The Oli is the perfect all round board for any skill class. Featuring a Medium Flex Pattern and a 3-Stage Hybrid Rocker, the board is perfect for any situation, whether it be cable, boat, or even winch. Oli Derome has been working closely with Slingshot for the past few years now, and now they finally believe they have found the perfect design and feel for Oli’s Signature board.

2017 Slingshot Pearl:

2017-Slingshot-Pearl-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The Pearl is a female-specific board with a classic user-friendly shape that provides unmatched maneuverability and speed. The Pearl’s features a continuous rocker, smooth tapered outline and elliptical concave. The result is a quick and snappy board that carves like crazy and performs exceptionally well both in park and behind the boat. If you’re a rider who charges all conditions and wants a board that won’t hold you back, the Pearl is a perfect fit.

We say:� The Pearl is still one of the best female-specific boards out there. This year, Slingshot have removed the Fast Track System and put in place a Carbon Bedrock Insert. This insert is strong and durable, while making the board even lighter than ever. The elliptical concave is great for carving on the cable and behind a boat. The Pearl is the perfect board for any female, in any situation.

2017 Slingshot Super Grom:

2017-Slingshot-Super-Grom-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The Super Grom is a youth-specific board designed for the up-and-coming generation of young rippers who will one day be the stars of our sport. As the original flex board for kids, the Super Grom is the perfect shape to get youngsters to experience the magical feeling of flexing on a rail or popping big off a wake like their favorite pros. For new riders, the Super Grom is a user-friendly and forgiving board that will provide progression they need for success, while its lively wood core and rugged Ballistic Base make it a board that will take advanced young riders to the next level.

We say:� The new Super Grom is the perfect first board for the younger rider, who wants a forgiving and easy wake session. The Technologies used are the same ones as the Adults boards, but in a smaller package. Key tech includes the Carbon Bedrock inserts, 3-Stage Rocker, Fusion Sidewalls, and the Vertically Laminated Wood Core. The Crossover nature of the board makes it perfect for both the cable and the boat, so they can shred no matter what.

2017 Slingshot Pill:

2017-Slingshot-Pill-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The Pill is a high-flying boat board built to be ridden with energy and speed. Perfect for advanced boat riders, the Pill features dual Naca tech channels and a firm flex pattern for big traction and instant pop off the wake. A three-stage rocker helps give the board more lift off the wake, and a center V-Spine profile helps to break up surface tension on the Pill’s massive landings.

We say:� A much firmer Pill this year means a bigger ollie and pop off the wake of a boat. The Pill is definitely a boat board and has all the boat tech you’ll ever need. The 3-Stage Rocker will help you get higher off the wake, while the V-Spine design of the board will reduce the water below the board when you land.

2017 Slingshot Nomad:

2017-Slingshot-Nomad-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The Nomad has inspired the birth of a whole new category of wakeboarding in the past two years. The concept is simple: The more surface area a board has, the more user-friendly it is. Whether it’s the slower boat speeds, increased stability or drifty wake to wake airs that tickle your fancy, long-board wakeboarding has inspired an appreciation for the more casual and mellow side of wakeboarding. The Nomad was made for kicking back and enjoying the ride, and making it back to the office on Monday without a detour to see the doc. If you’re looking for a single board that everyone- from first-timers to pro riders- will enjoy, the Nomad is a no-brainer.

We say:� The Nomad has been everyone’s favourite long-board ever since it came out. The boat cruiser/fun wake-sesh board has been upgraded this year, with the addition of an Elliptical Rocker and the famous Carbon Bedrock inserts, along with the Vertically Laminated Wood Core, make it the perfect board for chilling out on the boat.

2017 Slingshot Response:

2017-Slingshot-Response-WakeboardSlingshot say:� The Response is our classic, user-friendly flex board designed for boat riders who want an all-around ride they can progress with but will never outgrow. The Response features medium flex and continuous rocker for unmatched maneuverability and speed, while a continuous rocker and a smooth, tapered outline are the secret ingredients that make this such an all-encompassing board. An elliptical concave bottom helps the board flow from heel-to-toe and is one of the best carving boards in the line.

We say:� Last but certainly not least is the Response. This boat dedicated board is perfect for the boat riders who want a little bit more out of their session. The design of the response is the original design that Slingshot were founded upon, and it’s been a proven success. The Snow feel of the board makes it especially good for carving behind the boat, along with the Elliptical Concave which accentuate the feeling of the carve.


Remember, for more info or to purchase one of these boards, visit https://www.s2as.com , give us a call on 01202 738448, or pop in the store and see the real thign for yourself!

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