So here at S2AS, we’ve been busy testing all the new 2017 Ronix Cable Wakeboards for you to enjoy out on the lake. Ronix have done something different this year with the Kineitk Project, which we will talk about in the blog.


2017 Ronix Kinetik Project Flexbox 1:� 2017-ronix-kinetik-project-flexbot1-wakeboard

The Flexbox 1 Kinetik Project is all about Flex in the centre of the board. The Continuous Flex that runs throughout the board is complemented by the Flexbox 1. This technology is for the rider that wants a softer mid section and stiffer tips and tails. Once you’re locked into a press, the stiffer tip and tail let you pivot off the feature, which is great for those pass 3’s. This board also is great for a snap off the kicker, and works great for air tricks. They have also included their new Speedwalls, built from urethane to stop the core getting wet. They have also included a 6 month Slider Warranty, which no other company does at the moment.

2017 Ronix Kinetik Project Flexbox 2:� 2017-ronix-kinetik-project-flexbot-2-side-by-side

The Flex Box 2 Model is all about the Flex in the tips and the tails. Completely the opposite to Flexbox 1, this model offers you flex in the tip and tail, and a stiffer mid section. This makes it great for exaggerating presses and really getting those angle’s you’re after.The board is built exactly the same as the Flexbox 1 Model, but with the grooves cut out in the tip and tail instead of the mid section. Ridden and tested by pro rider Dominik Hernler.


So those are the 2 new Kinetik Boards from Ronix at S2AS! Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Remember to check them out at https://www.s2as.com, or pop in sure for a demo!

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