Here at S2AS, we stock all the new gear from Ride Engine. We believe that this brand of gear is one of the better one’s on the market, hence the reason we decided to stock it.


Tactical Trolley:� Ride Engine’s Tactical Trolley is utilitarian roller bag that will have you hauling mass amounts of gear across the planet with ease. Large enough to take multiple twin tips up to 158cm long, but compact enough to fit within standard airline baggage limitations, the Tactical Trolley features large interior compartments, compression straps, Kevlar Reinforcements, a wet-dry compartment, rugged wheels and integrated runners to give the bag structure with or without anything in the inside.



Hex Core Harness:Ride Engine’s innovative hard-shell design locks firmly into your lumbar and spreads load evenly across your back and sides. The Hex Core model is made from an exclusive injunction honeycomb core technology. This creates the super strong but lightweight shell that the rest of the harness is built around. For 2017, Ride Engine have improved our injection moulding process for increased strength and visual appeal and have added an additional layer of padding to the integrated waist belt for a more comfortable connection with the spreader bar pad. There are 2 new sizes, XS and XXL, to fit a broader range of body types.


Elite Harness:The Elite Carbon harness features a super stiff and lightweight carbon fibre shell that the rest of the harness is built around. For those who want the very best in high performance materials and construction, this is the harness for you. For freestyle and unhooked riding, pair the Elite carbon harness with the standard fixed-hook spreader bar. For surfing and general hooked-in freeriding, pair it with the metal or carbon slider bar for the ultimate ride. For 2017 ride Engine have added an additional layer of padding to the integrated waist belt for a more comfortable connection with the spreader bar pad.


Spreader Bars:�

Carbon Spreader Bar:� Ride Engine’s carbon slider bar is a low-profile, lightweight and streamlined setup that closes the gap between kite and rider. This hooked in system connects the chicken loop directly to the spreader bar and allows the connection to slide effortlessly from side to side, creating the ultimate fluid rode and preventing unfavourable harness movement when riding toeside, carving upwind or catching waves.



Apoc Wetsuit:Ride Engine developed the Apoc Series with close collaboration from athletes who know exactly what they want, and need, from their equipment. Ranging from Ride Engine’s warmest suit, the fully-sealed, fleece lined, Apoc 5/4, to their sealed 4/3 and 3/2mm fullsuits and 2mm shortys, the Apoc is a full-range front-zip lineup designed with the utmost attention to detail to keep users warm and comfortable as they pursue their water-bound passions. All suits in the Apoc series are front-zip and feature internal neck gaskets to reduce flushing; then the 5/4 and 4/3mm suits have internal poly-fleece lining for added warmth and water retention, and all are made from limestone-based neoprene.


Women’s Specific Wetsuits:�

Elara Wetsuit:� Designed and built with superior warmth and comfort in mind, the specific Elara Series features all of the same high-end materials and construction as Ride Engine’s men’s suits, but with an attractive splash of color and style to set it apart. The Elara’s easy-entry back zip design comes in two thicknesses, 4/3 and 3/2, with both thickest at the core and tapered at the extremities to balance warmth and flexibility where they are most needed. Both versions feature an interior liner of plush Poly Fleece to help retain body heat and minimise water absorption. The 4/3 is extensively lined with this material, in front and back core and the entire midsection, while the 3/2mm is lined exclusively in the front chest panel for core warmth.


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