CAPiTA snowboards are now in their 16th year after being born with Blue Montgomery in his bedroom.Fast forward 16 years and CAPiTA have just created the most forward thinking snowboard production faculty in the heart of the Austrian Alps.The Mothership is 100% Hydro-powered, has zero carbon emissions and is Carbon Neutral. Not to mention its onsite 1.2km long board testing slope.� CAPiTA can create a board in the morning and test it in the afternoon. No one else in winter sports can come close to this incredible production facility. Take a look at some of their new products!�

2017 Capita Defenders of Awesome:



The DOA has once again received a good wood award from Transworld Snowboarding magazine, meaning it has one this award every year of its existence.It also won most bang for the buck, so if you’re looking for one board to take from the park to the piste to the powder, you should pick up a DOA and save some cash on its rivals!With a camber profile in the middle of the board leaning to flat spots just outside the bindings, the DOA really does give you great edge hold, while also allowing you the get away with that sketchy turn with the flat profile by the bindings.CAPiTA finishes it off with a slight rocker on the nose and tail, meaning that when you hit that powder or practice your jibbing the nose and tail will effortlessly help you.With a flex of 5.5 it sits right in the middle of the flex scale and the inclusion of the kevlar bound sidewalls means that the board can take a beating in the park too.The sintered base keeps your speed all the way through the end of the day with smiles all round.The all mountain freestyle area is the most popular in snowboarding and the DOA has some tough competition, but i have never heard a bad word said about the DOA, so maybe its worth reading into and getting one under your feet.

You too could help defend awesome!

2017 Capita Ultrafear:


The Ultrafear is coming off Whitelines snowboarding best freestyle snowboard of 2015. if you want the perfect high-end freestyle machine, then look no further than the CAPiTA Teams favourite – The Ultrafear.With a rockered profile to help those spins and butters, it really does bring a smile to your face. The titanal strut through the middle of the board means that the flex is a 5.5, so when you want to open it up on the piste it won’t shake and fall apart under your feet.Built tough enough for street rails in Finland and Russia, the Ultrafear features Kevlar body armour around the nose and tail areas to help those dings from rocks or park features.The Sintered base keeps you going through the park till the end of the day which is why the Ultrafear is the at the high end as it is packed with all these features.If you are looking for the board to help you progress with freestyle riding but also like to use the side hits on the pistes then check out the Ultra Fear, it really is fun!

2017 Capita Scott Stevens:


Scott Stevens is possibly the most famous snowboarder in the world. Possibly. His video part from CAPiTA’s Defenders of Awesome 2 was the most watched online video on Transworld snowboarding website.� His board is loosely based on the Ultrafear with the same rockered profile. What different is what’s inside it! CAPiTA have included cork dampening stabilisers under the bindings, helping reduce the chatter from the piste but also help the board become more naturally flexible. The cork bonds extremely well with the wood core and resin to create a very light snowboard that is insanely comfortable to ride!� There are 4 x 30mm Pre-cured basalt boosters which go from the nose and tail to middle of the board to make sure the board is not a noodle which gives it the flex of 5.� A sintered base is added to keep you riding fast all day and a twin shape to help you learn and execute those freestyle manoeuvres!� If you have ever seen Scott ride, you know what this board is capable of, if you haven’t ‘Google’d’ Scott Stevens and you soon will!� This is my personal board of choice, i can ride it everywhere, from park to mountain, indoors to powder. it is super fun!

So that’s what Capita have to offer this season, and no doubt we’ll have their wood under our feet. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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