Since making their way onto the snowboard scene back in 1998, Bataleon have really pushed the boundaries of snowboard technology innovation. Originally founded by a Norwegian biophysicist named Jørgen Karlsen, Bataleon strived from the outset to create a board that changed the snowboarding experience.

That’s when they created 3BT snowboarding. 3BT snowboarding (also known as triple base technology) is a design that looks at how shape, materials and the board as a whole reacts with the snow whether its turning, pressing, sending, or any other contorted form you happen to make with it.

3BT boards are built with tip-to-tail positive camber and base concavity near the tips. This blend of shapes gives you all the benefits of camber, rocker, flat and hybrid designs without having to deal with the downfalls of each.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Just take a look for yourself…


How does 3BT actually work?

Triple Base Technology is based on a three-dimensionally shaped nose and tail, both of which are divided into three sections: a toeside base section, a centre base section and a heelside base section. These sections are slightly uplifted making the base a similar shape to your average skateboard concave.

The slightly uplifted bases make the boards feel completely different to any snowboards out there. Initiating your turn is easier and faster. When fully leaning into the turn the boards entire edge forms a complete edge with the surface, giving the rider complete edge hold. The uplifted side bases reduce the chance of random edge catch making the boards ideal for you average beginner as well as a seasoned pro. The hull-like tips also encourage extra float in powder, making the boards some of the most versatile on the planet.


Advantages of 3BT

  • Haulin’– When straight-lining or navigating sketchy traverses the board accelerates faster and holds more speed, because the uplifted edges don’t cause any drag.
  • Catch Less Edge – The uplifted edges make the board unbelievably forgiving without sacrificing any of the performance aspects.
  • Power Pop – Ollies on 3BT are more powerful than traditional camber. This is due to the concave shape from rail to rail in the tips loading up even more when compressed.
  • Pow Pow – The hull-like shape of the tips helps the board the float and plane through powder effortlessly.
  • Lightning Turns – When deep into a turn, the uplifted sections along the edge form a truer arc with the snow.
  • Stick More Jumps – Due to minimal initial edge bite at the contact points, riding away from sketchy landings is made easier, much nicer than eating it!
  • Jib King – The edge uplift glides naturally through kinks, boxes, wallrides, transitions and jibs, without the risk of hanging up.


Our Picks:

The Magic Carpet – The Bataleon magic carpet can truly change the way you ride. Its unique shorter, wider shape gives you quick turns yet still providing high-speed stability with its plentiful sidecut. The fat tips create extra float in powder meaning this board isn’t just a park destroyer. The magic carpet has carbon fiber strips weaved into the nose and tail to give the rider jet-propelled pop, without sacrificing any control. Long story short, this board is absolutely is a futuristic stick, that’ll go wherever you want it to.



The Evil-Twin – The Bataleon Evil Twin has been Bataleon’s best selling board for the past twelve years, and with good reason too. It has a milled wood core with tip to tail hardwood stringers and added basalt stringers under foot to give you maximum precision and control. The Evil twins balanced blend of features has made it the most trusted board in the Bataleon range. Although this board is primarily a freestyle based board, it will go pretty much everywhere and will never let you down.


The Goliath – The Bataleon Goliath is a 99% twin all-mountain/freestyle beast with a strong carbon enforced core for powerful drive, and softer tips to give the rider that patented Bataleon playfulness. The Goliath hugs the mountain and plows through chunder like an animal. This board is ideal for a rider who loves gunning those groomers, but still wants to take some trips through the park when they’re feeling naughty.



The Omni – The Bataleon Omni is a directional all-mountain destroyer. It’s directional shape gives the rider astonishing stability at speed, and the large nose allows you to plow through cruddy snow and float in the fresh stuff. The board has carbon strips strategically weaved near the main contact points of the rails, meaning it will hold turns on the steepest of terrain. If you love going fast everywhere all the time, then the Omni is going to be your best friend.



The Camel Toe – The Bataleon Camel Toe isn’t quite as grim as the name first implies. The Camel toe is bred for the deepest and steepest powder runs you can throw at it. The surfboard inspired shape allows the board glide over the top of powder like its nothing, but don’t be fooled by its typical powder board shape; The 3BT shaping in this board will give you unparalleled carving and all-mountain control on the groomers that no other board can match. This board is truly unique, and a brilliant addition to this years Bataleon range.



Fun.Kink – The Bataleon Fun.Kink aka ‘The� Ultimate Purveyor of Fun’ is back, and with an all-new updated shape for this season. Bataleon have blended their Twin and Freestyle 3BT shapes to give this board a unique, fun feel not to be found in any other board on the market. The Fun.Kink is essentially a board that feels like a twin, but runs on an all-mountain frame. This board is ideal for the rider who loves the groomers just as much as they love runs through the park.



Distortia (womens) – The Bataleon Distortia is designed for female shredders with a freestyle mindset. The medium flex and twin 3BT shaping makes for effortless buttering and minimal edge catch. Meanwhile this board’s beech wood stringer and carbon fiber strips strategically placed under the feet means it loves to load up big poppy ollies on the kicker line.



The FeelBetter (womens) – The Bataleon FeelBetter is built to make you feel good. This board has a solid and well-balanced build, featuring a hardwood-reinforced core, alongside a soft and playful flex pattern. These features make for an effortless, catch-free ride, said to send beginner riders confidence sky high, while still catering for a high level rider. Go on make yourself feel better??.


Thanks for reading, and we hope you guys have found this post informative. For more information please visit our online store or our Snowboard Shop in Poole. Or give us a call on 01202 738 448.

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