Bataleon Snowboarding – For over a decade, Bataleon Snowboarding has been the leader for 3D base technology in snowboards to create shapes and designs that change the way we ride. They have tinkered and developed their own patented 3BT shapes which create boards that have traditional camber and lifted contact points. This mix means that catching an edge is a thing of the past, you get unparalleled float and the best of camber and rocker. Their boards are hand built in a land where all of the best snowboards are built, Austria. Bataleon will always be on the forefront of snowboard design technology with their incredible base designs and fusion of shapes/styles.


Bataleon tech is ever advancing. This year their product line is super tight and we’re excited to get our hands on their new 2017 boards when our order arrives. The bases this year provide clear and defined goals. Think of the shape of the board and the core as the framework for the board’s job and the base of the board as the board’s individuality when combined with the shape.

This year Bataleon really have pushed for more combinations of their classic designs. We’ve got a myriad of bases to choose from:

  • Jib 3BT
  • Twin 3BT
  • Asym 3BT (asymmetrical)
  • Twin Pow 3BT
  • Freestyle 3BT
  • Freeride 3BT
  • Pow 3BT

As you can tell, each of these has a clear defined role in Bataleon’s lineup. For those wondering about the twin shape versus the freestyle shape, the difference is in the centre base (centre section of the triple base). The Freestyle base is equal across the board making it very versatile for all mountain freestyle. The twin shape has a thicker centre base which makes it better for pure freestyle and landings.

Bataleon’s shapes include:

All Mountain Freestyle

This genre contains a mix of 99% twin (aggressive heelside cut, twin shape) and various flexes while making these boards good for freestyle. Innovation such as Kevlar Carbon rods placed strategically in these boards make them playful freestyle boards but with a stability that isn’t normally found in most freestyle cores.

All Mountain Freeride

Monsters, these boards are designed for hard chargers and people who want to destroy all terrain. They’re built like tanks, some have thicker cores and Kevlar Carbon reinforcement is a theme throughout here. Combined with different triple bases these boards have a huge range of applications.

True Twins

This shape is for the freestyle purist boards. They ride identically in both directions and combined with the different cores that Bataleon have produced such as their beech core and their ‘core core’ we’re set to feel their diversity in the coming season. This in addition to the triple bases create true freestyle boards tuned for any part of the mountain and every single type of rider out there!

99% Twin

This is overwhelmingly used on the all mountain freestyle range of Bataleon boards. The 99% twin shape sports an aggressive heel side cut� to aid in keeping that heel edge in tougher terrain. The rest of the shape is true twin and the board is laterally symmetrical to support the freestyle mix. The boards can be ridden well in switch without too much problem due to this.


Boards that are designed to float on the heavenly cloud of pow-pow, shred off piste and sometimes venture on-piste. The ‘Camel Toe’ fills that niche where a flexy, floaty directional board is required in order to hit those beautiful powdery days. With a flexy profile and mellow camber you’d think this board would get destroyed on hard pack piste and in freestyle but Bataleon’s triple base technology works wizardry on the way this board carves up the piste.


Bataleon’s Women’s range this year sports some absolutely beautiful graphics. For me the Distortia and the Feelbetter look better than they ever have before. As the two boards we’ve pre ordered this year and Bataleon’s best selling women’s boards we’re expecting big things from them. The Distortia fills the more advanced freestyle riders’ gap with it’s true twin shape and freestyle base, it’s the tech girls board for sure. The Feelbetter is just a joy to ride, with it’s INCREDIBLY flexy profile and it’s freestyle base it’s a catch free dream for people who are looking to build confidence. The Feelbetter is clearly a cruiser and not a racer, best for messing about!



Camel Toe

The directional powder board of the Bataleon range. It’s a flexy directional monster with a powder triple base that’s not only designed for slaying the white stuff, it’s great on the piste too and can keep up with the all mountain boards. The Bataleon� Camel Toe� Snowboard is the stuff of dreams.

The Jam

The all-round, all mountain beast. Bataleon’s� The Jam� Snowboard is designed as a heat seeking cluster bomb� locked on to every kind of terrain for riders who love to ride everything. With a 99% twin shape, mid range flex pattern, Kevlar Carbon reinforcement across the entire board and reinforced freestyle design it’s definitely a board that can take on anything. You’re looking at the board that everyone will want a piece of.


While The Jam is a bit of a beast, the Bataleon� Omni� Snowboard is the real monster that’s hiding under your bed, ready to jump out and devour sluff, crud and pow with ease. A technically directional board with set back bindings, Kevlar Carbon reinforcement pattern. Make no mistake the directional feel to this board plants you like a rock on that deck, you’re going nowhere, the mountain is. The word ‘Omni’ is a prefix to mean ‘all’, Omnipotent, Omniscient, it’s clear where Bataleon wanted to go with this board and they’ve achieved it. With a thicker core and Bataleon’s freeride triple base you’ve got a tanky board with a thinner centre base, thicker side bases and a design made for backseat steering at breakneck speeds. High speed traction and powder float are on the agenda. Quick edge-to-edge transfers and quick powerful carves. This is a bulldozer.


Bataleon’s� The Goliath� Snowboard is a freestyle all mountain board designed next to ‘The Jam’ to satisfy the hearts of people that wanted a slightly flexier board. Triax laminate replaces the three angle Triax Plus fiberglass shape to free up some more flex in the board. The Kevlar Carbon rods are kept out of the nose and tail to provide a bit more play in the tips than on The Jam. Those big tweaks and butters in the pow will be way easier. It’s built to be in the air this one.

Magic Carpet

The Bataleon� Magic Carpet� Snowboard� is the techy freeride board from Bataleon this year, it’s got a lovely centre flex, reinforced nose and tail and true freestyle twin shape. If you’re planning on popping lofty air off powder pillows, carving up the off piste sluff and popping some eurocarves then this is the board for you. While being great in the powder the Kevlar Carbon rods in the nose and tail provide that stability � and control that you’ll need when throwing yourself around in the most brutal conditions. This is the all mountain freestyle powder board that you want to be popping back 5s with.


Oh the Bataleon� Fun.Kink� Snowboard… Bataleon’s ‘Purveyor of fun’. It has a 99% twin shape which keeps it’s heel edge planted on less favourable terrain while maintaining a shape that promotes freestyle. It’s got a twin triple base which edges it more towards the freestyle side of the spectrum and a 3/10 flex rating as there’s no Kevlar Carbon reinforcement anywhere. The result is a freestyle board that pretty much rocks it everywhere. It’s a jack of all trades with a bouncy flexy feel. It approaches everything like a big puppy, jibs, park jumps, freestyle, all mountain, butters and powder. The nose and tail will be kept out of the pow with the twin 3BT 3D base while the dynamic camber and aggressive heelside cut keep it glued to the snow. It’s a board that everyone can ride, from complete beginners to experienced users. A board to have in your quiver for when you feel bouncy.

Evil Twin

The Park/Freestyle flagship board from Bataleon is the Bataleon� Evil Twin� Snowboard. Continuously their best selling board and this year is set to be no different. It’s the board you were all waiting to hear about and you’ll be pleased to know that while innovation and graphics have changed, the core that this board is built around is the same. Everything about this board is built to make it great at freestyle and park riding with a slap bang middle flex rating and true twin triple base. Kevlar Carbon is placed right on the binding arrangement in an X shape to reinforce that area for those biiiiig lofty landings while the middle of the board, the tips and tails are left flexy for major tweakage. Available in many many sizes so ridable by anyone of any size and weight. This board is what everyone wants, you can’t ride this board and dislike it no matter what kind of person you are. It’s the everyman freestyle beast. It’s nothing short of sorcery that Bataleon have managed to create a board that absolutely everyone should love to have in their arsenal.


The Bataleon� Feelbetter� Snowboard is the women’s version of the Fun.Kink. This is a 2/10 flex board and the most playful board in the women’s range with the same kind of profile for riding as the men’s board. It slays everything with a 99% twin, freestyle triple base and mellow camber. It’s not built to destroy terrain, but it’s ridable anywhere and for people who just want to play, chill, relax and enjoy the ride. We promise after you ride this board that you’ll Feelbetter. Another big benefit to this board is because it’s left pure, because of the lack of techy carbon rods and sintered bases it’s got a great price tag attached to it.


The Bataleon� Distortia� Snowboard is a best seller, why? Because it’s the women’s Evil Twin. With the same style of riding profile this is the board for those who slay park and freestyle on a daily basis. Women everywhere rejoice because you’ve got the option of buying a freestyle board that everyone should love. The same Kevlar Carbon X shape covers the binding inserts to help with lofty jumps and huge landings. There’s good tech in the sintered base and a large range of sizes to go with the true twin shape. It’s left at a 4/10 flex to allow for those tweaked out grabs and cheeky jibs and a mellow camber profile.

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