“Today, Oakley is driven to seek out problems, create solutions, and wrap those solutions in art. The� company’s obsession with innovation has built a legacy of science, sculpture, and defiance of conventional thinking. Reinventing the concept of eyewear was only the first step. The passion that ignited the optical industry is now unleashed on high-performance footwear, wristwatches, apparel and accessories.”


Here at S2AS we have always pushed ourselves to bring the most innovative and high end products to our customers as possible, and that is why we have been a strong supporter of Oakley eyewear since we first started.

After seeing next year’s range of goggles at the slide actionsport tradeshow, we were so excited that we just had to let you guys have a little sneak peek at what both ourselves and Oakley are going to have to offer next winter.

The Oakley Fall-Line

Oakley’s newest addition to their line is the Fall Line. The fall line is the fusion of a rimless goggle (much like the flight deck) and a cylindrical lens shape to bring the user a larger field of vision. Originally inspired by last years Line Miner, the Fall Line is the newest addition to the Line series family, and by the looks of things is gonna be a real big seller this coming winter. if you don’t believe us, just take a look for yourself. Equipped with new technologies and a streamlined design, the Fall Line provides the rider with an enhanced peripheral view for the ultimate on the hill experience.oakley-fall-line

Prizm Inferno

Possibly one of the most exciting and innovative technologies Oakley are bringing into 2017/18 is Prizm Inferno, a heated lens technology that prevents goggles from fogging or steaming up during riding. As well as also giving the rider a heightened experience on the mountain, it also have some huge safety benefits. Designed with simplicity and rider satisfaction in mind Inferno allows those heading down the hill to worry more about the line ahead and less about the performance of their equipment.



� Prizm Technology?

Oakley realised a few years ago that goggles had become more of a hindrance than a help on the mountain. They saw millions of people having to change lenses to suit different light and weather conditions, and thought ‘why not make a lens that works in more than one light condition?’ and after many years of research and development, Prizm Technology was born.

Prizm Technology works by fine tuning the individual wavelengths of colour, thus sharpening the visual acuity to reveal nuances that would usually be missed by the naked eye.

What Lens do I need for each condition?

� � � � � � � � � � � � Black Iridium

Sapphire Iridium

Jade Iridium

Torch Iridium



HI Pink


To view our full range of Oakley goggles and outerwear, follow the links!


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