Buyers Guide Wakeboard Impact Vests

Buyers Guide Wakeboard Impact Vests

Buyers Guide Wakeboard Impact Vests


Buyers Guide Wakeboard Impact Vests

Here at S2AS we get to test all the Wakeboard impact vests available to us from brands like Mystic, Follow and O’Neill. So we can get you out on the water wakeboarding having fun while being safe. With Impact Vests, it’s the same story. These vests lower the chance of you injuring or winding yourself on the cable or behind a boat, and offer buoyancy, too. Below are some of the main differences between them:

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With Wakeboard Vests, there are 2 main types:

A USCGA (or US Coastguard) Vest is approved by the US Coastguard for use on Boats, which every person on a boat has to have on by Law.
These vests are mainly aimed at boat riders who shred the boat every day. They often feature clips or buckles as a means to get in and out, and are more buoyant than the next type of Impact Vest. So yes they have more buoyancy but with that comes a bulky fit and less movement So there is a trade off. 


A Comp Vest is a Wake Vest designed for extra movement and less buoyancy. This vest won’t keep your head floating above water, but will naturally offer more protection and flotation than if you didn’t have it on. These vests have a different foam pattern than the UCGA Vests, with more foam sections and different materials to help absorb the impact better. The foam pattern tends to follow a rule; the more sections of foam, the more impact is absorbed and the more the water gets dispersed.

Buyers Guide Wakeboard Impact Vests

These vests are preferred by most Pro Wakeboarders, simply because the impact protection to freedom of movement is unmatched. If your looking for a Impact vest for Cable this is 100% the choice that will suit you better.



Fit is a key part of any wakeboard vest, and getting the wrong fit can cause some serious safety issues. But don’t worry, the S2AS Team are here to help! In store when you try a vest on, it should be super tight. This is normal, and neoprene when wet will give around 5-10% extra stretch. If the vest is too loose, it simply won’t work and rise up when you take a slam exposing all the vital organs to damage.

The sizing does differ between the brands we stock, so make sure you consult a size guide, or even better give us a call or pop in to our wakeboard shop in Poole, Dorset. We will be able to make 100% sure your buying the correct size and vest for your needs.

Normally, the more expensive the vest the more protection and technology it has to offer. For example The O’Neill Slasher Vest has Nitrolite Foam, which is 40-50% lighter than normal foam when wet.

This technology amongst others make impact vests easy to choose from! Check out our website for our huge range of wakeboard impact vests we have in stock.

Our top pick for Wakeboard impact vests is This brand