Kitesurfing Kites

Here at S2AS one of the UK's leading Kitesurf centres, we stock a huge range of kitesurfing kites and kitesurf equipment from a variety of top brands including Cabrinha Kitesurf KitesCore Kitesurf KitesAirush Kitesurf KitesNorth Kitesurf KitesOcean Rodeo KitesFlysurfer Kitesurf KitesPeter Lynn Kitesurf Kites, Slingshot Kitesurf Kites

. We've got kites from all of the listed brands to suit anyone's ability, from Beginner to Expert, and anything from Freeride to Big Air, and even Freestyle. Suitable to those kites would be one of our premium brand Kiteboards from Shinn, BrunottiTona Kiteboards or Xenon. All Kites, Kiteboards and Kitesurf Accessories are available at!

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate and give us a call on 01202 738448

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