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      Kitesurfing Packages

      We stock a large range of Kitesurfing packages from a variety of top brands. Any Packages seen on our website can be taliored to suit you, or we can build you a completely new Kitesurfing Package from scratch. All packages include a premium brand Kitesurfing Kite from one of the following brands: Cabrina, Core Kites, Ocean Rodeo, Slingshot. These then can be combined with a Kiteboard from one of our top brands such as Brunotti, XenonTona Kiteboards, Shinn, Peter Lynn, AirushNorth Kiteboarding and Carved. Complete your package with one of our Kiteboard Harnesses from Mystic or Dakine and your ready to go! We've got Kitesurfing Packages in all different sizes, colours and styles to suit anyones taste and they can be used at any ability from beginner to expert.

      We also offer Kitesurfing Lessons for beginners in one of the UK's best spots Poole, Dorset.  If you have any questions about the kitesurfing packages that we stock please dont hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448. See below our current stock of Kitesurfing Packages 


      Why should I consider buying a kiteboarding package?

      Kiteboarding packages are designed to ensure compatibility between the kite, board, and other essential components.
      Purchasing a package can be more cost-effective than buying each item separately.

      What factors should I consider when choosing a kiteboarding package?

      Consider your skill level, local wind conditions, and preferred style of riding. Ensure the size and type of kite and board in the package are suitable for your needs.

      Can I customize the components in a kiteboarding package?

      Some retailers offer customization options where you can choose specific kite sizes, board types, or harness styles.
      This allows you to tailor the package to better suit your preferences.

      Are there different types of kiteboarding packages for beginners and advanced riders?

      Yes, packages are often categorized based on skill levels. Beginner packages typically include user-friendly gear, while advanced packages may have high-performance equipment.