Board bags

Take a look to our Dakine selection for snowboard bags.

At S2AS we feel it is incredibly important to find a good kit bag or snowboard bag with enough space to store and protect all your snowboarding gear. We stock a large range of Snowboard Bags from high-quality brands such as Dakine. All of the Snowboard Bags that we stock are extremely durable, provide great protection for your Snowboarding Gear and include features to make your experience whilst travelling easier. For example, you could treat yourself to some new snowboarding gear such as the Dakine Low Roller which has an exterior access pocket to hold any Accessories, as well as enough internally for your SnowboardOuterwear and Snowboard Boots. The bag is completed with a Two-Way Lockable Zipper, along with Urethane Wheels. 

Your snowboard isn’t the only piece of your snowboarding gear that needs protection. Why not check out the Dakine Boot Pack 50L – a stylish backpack that comes in a variety of colours and designs, and is purpose-built to protect your snowboarding gear. It features a dedicated protected pocket for both your helmet and goggles and a front pocket that is perfect for storing other snowboarding gear such as your gloves, tuning kits or an extra layer if you need it. 

If you have any questions about the Snowboard Bags or any other snowboarding gear that we stock, give us a call on 01202 738448!



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