Below I have completed a top 20 questions list, These are the questions I’m asked the most in store about kitesurfing.

1, Do You Have To Be Strong To Kitesurf?

No is the answer, and the reason is simple. Because you wear a Waist or a Seat Harness, the harness will take all the load and transfer all the power into the harness, therefore supporting your lower back. Fit is very important, the harness must be tight but at the same time you must be able to move and not have a restricted movement due to wearing the harness. See� KITESURF HARNESSES

2, How Much Does A Kitesurf Complete Package Cost?

Kitesurfing equipment is an investment, and your find that the kite will cost the most but it will last you a good few years. Add to that the cost of a good kiteboard and harness and you’ve got the bear minimum your need to go kitesurfing. So the total cost will be around� £1500-£2000,� give or take which kite you decide to go for. After you have your kitesurf setup that’s it! You no longer have to pay anything to kitesurf, as the wind is absolutely free! So you can now kitesurf all day long for free, better then sitting in a pub on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon right? See our� KITESURF PACKAGES

3, What Happens when you crash the kite in the water?

Kitesurfing kites have Inflatable Struts and an Inflatable Leading Edge so the kite will always float. To add to that in an emergency the kite is also your life raft. Today’s kite re-launch with little to no effort, and have become much easier to relaunch over the years. All of these kites are very easy to re-launch off the water if and when you crash the kite, and believe us you will crash the kite lots, it’s all part of the learning process! We offer kitesurfing lessons to get your skills up to scratch, and our instructors will show you just how easy it really is to re-launch a kitesurf kite on your lessons. See

4, How Much Does it cost to Learn to kitesurf?

Kitesurfing is a very well-priced sport, as after you have the equipment as the wind is completely free. We have been teaching kitesurfing lessons for over 15 years here at Surface 2 Air Sports, and are proud to call ourselves the Longest Kite School in the UK. Group Kitesurfing lessons with Surface 2 Air Sports cost from £99, while private lessons, just you and an instructor, are £40 per hour minimum 2 hours (we recommend no more than 3 hours in one session due to fatigue). For more information on our kitesurfing lessons, visit the page � KITESURFING LESSONS

5, How Hard Is It To Learn To Kitesurf?

This is probably the most asked question I ever get and the answer is very simple. Its one of the easiest Watersport to in the world to learn! We find the learning curve is very fast, and students pick up the flying of the kite within hours. The key to Kitesurfing is kite control; 90% kite skills and 10% board skills. We recommend buying a Kitesurfing Trainer Kite, as it will speed up and improve your kite skills super-fast. Our advice is to look for a good trainer kite around £130 and get your lessons booked with us asap!

6, How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Kitesurf?

Most people we get on our lessons attempt to/get standing up on the kiteboard on the second Kiteboarding lesson. The success rate of standing up and riding the kite board depends on the kite control you developed on the first lesson or previously on your own. The more time you spend on a kitesurf trainer kite before your lessons, the more you will progress during the lesson with us. We look to get students up and riding after the end of the 2nd� day kitesurfing with us, and are proud to share a success rate of over 90 % which we have achieved in the last 6 years teaching kitesurfing.

7, How Much Is A Kitesurf Kite on its own?

Kites are an investment. A good kitesurf kite will last you years if look after well. Prices will vary between brands, but a good Kite will cost you around £700 -£1300 complete with a control bar and lines. Any good kitesurf shop such as us will make sure your get a kite that is suited to your level of riding, not to mention a safe kite that will help you progress as fast as possible. See� KITESURF KITES

8, Do You Need To Be A Good Athlete?

Being in shape helps for sure but no you do not have to be an athlete at all. To look at the sport from dry land, most people look and think you need to be very strong to hold the power of the kite, but that’s not true at all. The Kitesurf harness will do all that for you. And believe me if you’re not in shape you soon will be, as Kitesurfing is great for your abs!

9, I’m 55 Years Old, Can I Still Learn?

Yes you can no issue here what so ever, Kitesurfing is one of the most diverse Watersports ever. If you want to do all the crazy kite-loops and jumps etc. then for sure you need to be in shape and flexible. If you want to just cruise up and down the coast line and the old jump, then no not at all I know Kitesurfers in their 70’s still going strong. Age is nothing but a number, remember that!

10, I Weigh 100+ kg, can I still learn to Kite?

If you weigh more, it just means that you need a slightly larger kite to get you up and riding. A person that weighs 80kgs may be using a 12 meter kite, while a slightly heavier person would use a 15 meter kite in similar winds. A good rule of thumb here in the UK for your first kite, is a meter in fabric = 1 meter in stone, so a 12-13 stone guy would need a 12mtr kite for the average UK winds Here at Surface2Air Sports we have the equipment to get you up and riding no matter what your weight.

11, Do You Need To Know How To Swim?

Yes. It is very important that you know how to swim. Even if your kitesurfing in waist deep water, you need to know how to swim.

12, What Is The Youngest A Person Can Be To Take Lessons?

16 years old is the cut off age for kitesurfing lessons in the water here at Surface2Air Sports. Although, younger kids can still fly Trainer Kites on land with instruction, getting them ready for their lessons and building base level kite flying skills. If you’re younger than 16, please call us and we can work out private lessons with a parent on the same lesson.

13, Why Should I Take Kiteboarding Lessons Or Kitesurfing Lessons?

Would you jump out of a plane without instruction? Well I can assure you that Kitesurf Kites are very powerful and can put you 30ft in the air in a split second, if you do not understand or respect them. Kitesurfing is a potentially dangerous sport, as the kites are very powerful. It is a much better idea to have a qualified instructor at your side the first time you are attempting to fly them! A few lessons at the beginning are much cheaper than buying more equipment after you break your first set, let alone the time off work when you end up in hospital with your injuries.

14, Is Poole Harbour A Good Place To Kitesurf?

Poole Harbour, Dorset has it all when it comes to kitesurfing. Warm temperatures, steady wind, easy learning conditions, and most importantly, waist deep water so at any point you can always just stand up, as you’re never out of your depth. Flat water is another benefit of the Harbour, so you do not have to deal with big waves and messy choppy conditions like you do in other locations in the UK. Poole Harbour Kitesurf lessons with Surface2Air Sports are simply the best.

15, What Makes Poole Harbour A Good Place To Learn?

Poole has so much going on in the summer months, the water conditions are some of the best in the UK warm, shallow and flat. Those three things are the key elements to getting you up and riding in no time at all. We have the best beaches in the UK with the famous Sandbanks of the rich and famous.

16, Where is your shop?

The Surface2Air Sports shop is located at: 14-16 Station Road, Lower Parkstone, Poole, BH14 8UB.
Please see our map on the� CONTACT US� page to get an idea of how to get to us.

17, What Are Your Opening Hours?

The shop is open 7 days a week from 9:00am – 5:30pm (Monday – Saturday) & 10-4pm (Sunday)

18, Do I Need to book kitesurf lessons?

Reservations are taken for kitesurfing lessons to ensure that no one takes your time slot. Call the shop on 01202 738448 to make your reservation today. The sooner the better for lesson reservations, as during the busy Months (June, July, August), time slots fill up fast and several weeks in advance. So remember book early!

19, Do you have waves in Poole where you teach?

No the water is perfect flat, again perfect learning conditions for kitesurfing. But if you do want waves and you feel you’re at a that level, then Sandbanks has some good surf for you to play in. We really do have it all here at Surface2Air Sports!

20, What Is The Difference Between Kiteboarding And Kitesurfing?

“Kiteboarding” and “Kitesurfing” are different terms for the same sport. “Kiteboarding” is more widely used in the USA, and “Kitesurfing” is used here in the UK. They both describe using a kite to pull you along on a Kiteboard. Although, some may say “Kitesurfing” is when you are riding an actual surfboard behind a kite. At the end of the day, who cares what is called, as its awesome fun so stop, reading this and get out on the water!

Well there you have it the 20 most asked questions about kitesurfing, I hope you found these useful please take a look at our website for� KITESURFING EQUIPMENT


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