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" Everything at Union comes down to focus and dedication. The ‘Stronger’ motto not only stands for our product - it represents all facets of the company ".

From their product, delivery, sales and customer service to having the best Pro Team in snowboarding, their amazing friendships and genuine approach sum up how they transform the snowboarding experience.

Union Snowboard Bindings
Design differently

Free from the distraction of developing a bazillion different products for snowboarding, camping, and whatever else... Union focuses solely on building better bindings for all types of riding, at all ability levels, for each price offering.

Union snowboard bindings inovation
Quality Materials

A binding is only as good as the sum of it's parts. Here at Union Binding Company we use the highest grade materials available on every single binding that we produce. Wherever you see the "U" logo, you can have the confidence that no sacrifices have been made. We guarantee it.

Union Snowboard binding parts

From professional snowboarders like Travis Rice to Lift Operators riding 100+ days a season - The Union brand name is synonymous with durability and longevity. More snowboarders around the world trust Union than any of binding brand on the market.

Union bindings flex test

Full Circle

Controlling our full circle supply chain assures a superior product from start to finish. From chairlift meetings, to paper sketches, then CAD Designs... Prototypes, testing, and tooling... All Union Bindings are developed, produced, and shipped inhouse with zero outsourcing or 3rd party middlemen cutting into the value of our final product. Union is THE only conventional binding supplier who owns and operates its own production facility.


Union offers a broad array of binding models to suit riders of all ability levels, riding styles and price points. Union bindings are also compatible with with all major snowboard and snowboard boot brands, making Union the go-to binding for riders around the globe.

s2as union bindings delivery

Bindings are the most important piece of snowboarding equipment you own. That being said, it’s crucial that they are set up properly to ensure optimal fit and performance. All Union bindings come with adjustable heelcups, ankle straps and toe straps, so you can dial in the perfect fit.

Union Bindings are built to last

Unions New Binding Tech

S11 ASYM Duraflex ST Baseplate

By removing excess material in the toe and heel of the baseplate, and utilizing a brand new asymmetrical shape, they've been able to drastically increase the torsional flex of the binding.

Featured On: Ultra Men's / Ultra Women's

Union Bindings base plate
SP3 Duraflex CB Baseplate

Simply rotate the binding into place, push the rear lever down, and you're ready to ride. Union's all-new dual lock system is the future of splitboard binding technology.

Featured On: Charger

Union Bindings shell
S15 Ultra Duraflex ST Highback

A thin layer of molecular bushing provides increased flexibility and a spring loaded return for quick edge to edge power when you need it.

Featured On: Ultra Men's / Ultra Women's

Union High backs
S14 Duraflex CB Highback

Lighter, stiffer, and more responsive than previous Atlas highbacks, the Stage 14 Duraflex CB highback combines carbon injected Duraflex Nylon with an all-new integrated forward lean adjuster.

Featured On: Atlas Pro / Atlas

Union Bindings are fully adjustable
EXP3 Duraflex ST Highback

Two separate highback layers help to provide response when you need it and flexibility where you want it. Quickly transition from touring mode to ride mode with the flip of a lever.

Featured On: Charger

Union High backs
Forma X Ankle Straps

Instant response meets all day long foot comfort. The Forma X ankle strap's all-new construction combines our responsive Exoframe exterior with the padded comfort and flexibility of the Forma interior.

Featured On: Ultra Men's / Ultra Women's

Union binding straps
Molecular Bushing

Molecular Bushing

Union's all-new Molecular bushing provides spring-loaded take offs and perfectly cushioned landings. 15% lighter than Union Fused Vaporite and guaranteed to minimize foot, ankle and knee fatigue. This is the future of freestyle binding design.

Featured On: Ultra Men's / Ultra Women's

Union Damping on Bindings
TPE Outsole

Exclusive to Union, this 100% new binding manufacturing process requires zero bushing gluing and adds another layer of dampening and vibration canceling to the all-new Ultra.

Featured On: Ultra Men's / Ultra Women's

Union Ultra Base bindings
Astro Ankle Washer

Union's Astro ankle washer adds another level of confidence and security to your riding. Prevents heelcup slippage on binding models that only feature a single heelcup screw.

Featured On: Ultra Men's / Ultra Women's / Flite Pro / Rosa / Charger

union bindings fixings
Charger Split Disk

With zero room for a pin a in the center of the disk, the Charger split disk connection is now stronger than ever. A small notch in the rear split disk allows for the Chargers easy to use lever to lock you into place.

Featured On: Charger

Union split disc