At S2AS we stock a large range of snowboards from a variety of brands including Bataleon, Capita, DC, Lobster and Never Summer. All of these brands offer High-Quality snowboards that can be used from Entry Level up to Expert. Snowboards come in a variety of designs, each with their own advantages for certain styles and terrains. If you have a smaller budget, take a look at our huge and great selection of sale snowboards

Since 2001 Bataleon have been creating snowboards, and constantly innovating their designs to create more variety and better performance for all styles of snowboards on all types of snow. Every year they try to improve on what they've done the previous year, and this year it's been with the brilliant addition of Sidekick. This never-before-seen snowboard technology adds onto their already amazing Triple Base Technology by incorporating side base uplift on the widest points of the nose and tail. With the addition of these design elements you are able to turn easier than with other boards, you get more float on the powder, and rough terrain becomes more manageable. On top of that Bataleon then also tailor this Sidekick to the style of the snowboards, with the Powder Snowboards having an increased angle, and the All-Mountain Snowboards having considerably less. This means that you get to pick the snowboard that is perfect for you and your style of riding – or even for specific lines and events. 

If you have any questions about any of the snowboards, or any of the winter sports equipment that we stock, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01202 738448.

Take a look at our stock of Bataleon Snowboards, Capita Snowboards, DC Snowboards, Lobster Snowboards, Never Summer Snowboards

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