Bataleon Bindings come in a wide range of colours, sizes, flex patterns, shapes and suitability for certain styles of riding. Some of the main features that Bataleon produce on their bindings are: 

Bataleon Kink Ladders to allow you to change the feel of your binding by choosing a low or a high connection point for your ankle strap. The low position makes your Snowboard binding more tweakable, and the high position offers a more locked-in, support and response.

FastEntry Ladders that are designed for easy binding entry and exit. The strap’s concave shape is designed to pop open when released. FastEntry ensures that you won’t be fighting to get in and out of your bindings giving you more time to ride.

Bataleon Auxetic Shape Technology which uses hinged patterns that expand perfectly around your boot without stretching or distorting the material eliminating pressure points and providing next-level support and comfort.

Bataleon Space-Age E-TPU Foam provides next-level chatter and impact absorption no matter the conditions.

Bataleon never wants you to miss a day of riding. If you ride hard there is always a chance that something wears out or breaks down. In case that happens, Bataleon got you covered. In the binding box, you'll find the Never Miss a Day backup parts kit with extra ladders, screws and washers so you can keep riding while you get replacements sorted out.

Bataleon Bindings also have been individually and perfectly matched to fit certain Bataleon Snowboards for all different abilities of riders.

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