So each day we get more news and now we have some info that World Champion Youri Zoon has been disqualified for coming in contact with another rider in his PKRA heat.
We have put the video below as lots of you were asking to see it. now we understand everyone has there opioun on this but really could Youri have avoded such a crash? We do not think so have a look for your self we would love to know what you think.
Youri is a great� athlete� and also an all round great guy, We had the pleasure of his company last Summer at the Surface 2 Air Summer party and demo weekend.
This is what Youri says about the� indent:
SO here is the DSQ from my side!

The heat went really well, till the DSQ highest scooring heat of the day i have been told. Anyway in the last 30 sec pretty much i saw louis hutter going in and going for a trick, he crashed the trick and i took of just a little down wind of him, at that time the kite was still at 12o clock on his leash.
I was trowing a 317 and landed it clean at that moment louis his kite was at the water and right in front of me no change of avoiding the kite. In this case was the down wind rider and during the trick i could have no way avoid the kite. the verdict well rules are rules! In my opninion , people that make those rules are a bunch idiots that don,t have the experience on the water!! D
o we wanna live by written rules ? im sorry but i dont!
Well lets look it from the bright side now! Had a really good heat landing a BJ 5 and 317 , conditions where perfect for 11m GP. And the fact i was going for the highest score of the day does good to me!
Cheers and have a good one.
It,s time to go big in the double.s!
Im ready!”

We would love to see Youri take the PKRA crown again this year.
good luck Youri.

What does Youri Zoon ride?
Kite: Best GP Kitesurf Kite
Kiteboard: Brunotti Youri Zoon Pro Model

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01202 738448

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