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“A Force of Nature” is one way of describing this brand’s impeccable work ethic and product. They work closely and to the highest standards to ensure the rider has the ultimate connection with their snowboard with technology only they could deliver Union Bindings is simply unstoppable in the world of snowboard bindings. Urban Surfer receive all of the new styles every year just in time for your next snowboard trip!

Union make some of the best Snowboard Bindings in the industry, without a doubt. Always pushing the limits of the bindings, they created a world first in the industry; Forged Carbon Bindings. This Carbon is the lightest and strongest material found in Snowboard Bindings, giving you peak performance and insane heel side and toe side response. If you want our opinion, Union Bindings are the best out there. All of their manufacturing is done in house, from a new binding to even the screws and hardware. One of the pluses for the company is that they offer a lifetime warranty on all their products.

Union snowboard bindings are all about durability, comfort, performance and delivering the lightest bindings on the market.

With one of the best and strongest teams in the industry it’s clear to see that Union have forged an incredible product that riders can trust and depend on, as they do every time they ride, by choosing the right tool for the job.

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All Union snowboard bindings come with toe cap straps and are made with the latest technology and quality materials. Each and every part of making Union bindings is done in-house with zero outsourcing. Every single piece of a Union binding is therefore completely exclusive to Union – you can’t find it anywhere else.

If you’ve got any more question about the Union Bindings or any other Bindings please get in touch 01202 738448.


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