Our new member of the team!

A new season is approaching which often brings change for many people, one change that we have going on around here is a new member to the team. 

Hello there everyone, my name is Olivia Hollingshead and I am so happy to announce that I am joining the S2AS team. With this exciting news I would love to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all.


To be honest it is very easy for me to describe myself in a matter of words; a travel addict from the UK who fell in love with watersports, chasing the sun, and quite simply hasn’t looked back since. 


I have always been told that I am a sociable person, whether it’s meeting new people or spending time with people who I have known for many years. I find a great amount of enjoyment in learning about people. Since working within the watersports industry I noticed that when I start talking about various watersports, kitesurfing in particular, the complete expression in my face and body changes. This is the passion I burn for and I want to share it with as many people as possible



Where it all began…


This truly is one of the easiest stories I ever tell because, to be honest,  I’m just sharing my excitement. It all began in Poole on my commute home from work. I remember driving over Evening Hill and seeing the sky and water filled with colour and people who just appeared to be completely captivated (if a little cold) by the sports they were doing. With that I decided it was time for myself to give these sports a try, not enthused by the chilly british ocean, I booked a flight out to Cape Verde where I can certainly say my life changed and it was the beginning of many years travelling (to hotter climates) kiting, and attempting various other sports. I have had a great deal of help from S2AS along this journey with kit selection therefore I am eager to give something back to the team and make the same impact on someone as was made on me. As well as this after years chasing the sun I have decided it’s time to set roots a little in the spot I call home; so whether it’s in the store, online, over the phone or on the water you will be seeing me around Poole from now on (with a few sneaky holidays away of course). 


I intend to…

– inspire you to take the leap and progress to the next level in any sport

– make your life easier with making difficult product decisions

– advise and at the same time entertain you like a good travel buddy would do

– provide independent travel inspiration

– share the stoke and passion for extreme sports

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