All new. All encompassing. Every bit a CORE.




Say hello to CORE’s new multi-talented Universal+ Series kite with fully customizable handling: the Nexus a true wave-freestyle fun machine. The pinnacle of fourteen years of intensive research and development the Nexus inherits many of Core best innovations such as the famous linear power delivery of the GTS along with the huge wind range and Surf Profile the wave dedicated Section 2.


“Drifts like the Section, loops like the GTS, and jumps pretty much like the XR.”



Ride one in waves, and you’ll love its linear depower and confidence inspiring turns in tricky troughs. Or try one at the lagoon and you’ll notice the kite’s power, stability and ease of use as you paint the sky with your favorite twintip. Nexus with CIT: is like having two kites in one.



CIT (Core Intelligent Trim System)� is the fancy acronym behind the Nexus’ adjustable handling modes. It lets you fine-tune the Nexus’ power and turn radius. The wave mode makes the kite turn faster, and increases depower so it doesn’t pull you off your strapless board. The freestyle mode increases your turn radius, stabilizes the kite for easier freestyle moves, and adds extra grunt. The kite comes out of the bag in all-round mode which balances between the two settings and is perfect for newer kiters or anyone who prefers a more relaxed riding style.




A bright future for Future-C shape


One reason why everyone loves the Section and GTS kites are the canopies’ unique shape. Core’s engineers have lots of experience squeezing every bit of performance out of their Future-C shape to bring super fast, and now, fully adjustable handling to the Nexus. Adding the Surf Profile (modified wing camber)� from the Section further improves drift and stability.




Calm power


The brand with the widest selection of lightwind kites has also released the Nexus LW edition for those sunny mid-afternoon breezes. Its three strut, CoreTex Light construction, and fully customizable handling will keep you grinning in marginal conditions. Yes, it’s possible to make lines on your favorite break while others watch. And yes, it’s possible to practice new tricks on the Nexus LW in less than perfect conditions.


“The Nexus’s potential is undeniable”


If you need anymore information on the new Core Nexus Kite,� feel free to get in touch with the S2AS team!

Give us a call on 01202 738448


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