Search “Fehmarn” and you will find the home of CORE Kiteboarding. A global, full line, manufacturer of kiteboard equipment. And builders of advanced, German engineered, gear for the coolest sport on the planet.

CORE is all about engineering and quality. We pride ourselves on safe and efficient engineering solutions. Solutions that incorporate materials from leading European suppliers even if it costs more. It is this unrelenting drive for perfection and investment in high quality materials that has made CORE a global powerhouse.


Fehmarn, a sunny and often windy island in the Baltic Sea, is home to CORE’s Headquarters. It also happens to be an island perfectly suited for kiteboarding research and development. Picture dozens of kiteable beaches dotting this island for every possible wind direction. We use our location to our advantage, especially when it comes to development and testing.

Year-round, passionate, CORE product developers with decades of experience split their days between computer modeling and “board meetings” on the beach. Relentlessly testing and getting feedback from the CORE community. But this often isn’t good enough and so we test our product around the world in as many different kiting conditions possible to bring you the best-engineered kite possible.


Lots! But you will just have to trust us on this one. You may recall how busy CORE was in 2015 with the release of our new bestsellers; the XR4 and Fusion 2. The launch of our Specialized line of kites for hardcore C-kiters and wave addicts. The new pump that everyone made fun of at first until they actually tried it. And finally, with ExoTex, a new innovative Dacron we are using on all our leading edges. The market responded with two big thumbs up so we plan on doing it again in 2016. So, stay tuned.


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The XR4 is CORE’s 4th generation of their bestselling, highly versatile XR power delta bow kite, and comes in white and black colorway with ExoTex-equipped struts for extra stability, the Intelligent Arc flight control system that modifies the airfoil on demand for a more controllable power/depower, a unique safety system and an intelligent trim system that allows the rider the option to adjust the back line tension, bar pressure and the kite turning speed. Delivering control and confidence in gusty conditions and power when it’s needed most, the Core XR4 is a great all-rounder, with cruising, racing, waveriding and Big Air in its arsenal and an ability to adapt to any riding level. Hangtime is key, and the XR4 truly delivers in this department, with powerful boosting capabilities. The Core XR4 LW version also uses the Exotex Dacron to improve airflow by reducing the leading edge and strut diameters while still providing more stability and a more agile flight.


The GTS3 is CORE’s bridled, three strut C-kite with a future-C shape for snappier turns and a consistent pull at the bar. The three struts give it more twist than five, translating as faster turns and less weight to aid slack line drift. Perfectly suited for unhooked freestyle, freeriding and waves, the Core GTS3 is essentially 3 kites in 1. It is as at home pulling kiteloops as it is carving amongst a decent swell, there’s both power and predictability, making the GTS3 a kite that can be trusted in most conditions. Plenty of tech is stuffed into this C-kite, and the Core GTS3 LW version also features a lower profile, rounder tips, thinner tubing and the use of CORE’s patented light weight material, CoreTex Light, making it a playful but precise option for lighter days, while retaining the GTS3’s agile, freestyle character.


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The 2nd generation Fusion can be ridden in a wide variety of conditions and suits most riding styles. Be it choppy, glassy or out amongst the waves, the Core Fusion 2 takes the premium design elements of CORE’s previous freestyle/freeride boards and fuses them together to create an all-rounder board that’s versatile and packed with the latest engineered tech, such as CORE’s signature Cartan carbon to increase pop and durability, a CNC milled wood core and a diamond 3D surface contour, directing the torsional forces toward the edges to reinforce the balance between flex and rigidity. The underside features a hydrodynamic contour, made up of a double concave, V-shaped hull and progressive channels which extend into the tips, optimizing the smoothness of the ride. The board comes with CORE Union Pro Pads and straps, giving the rider nine different stance options and three pad insert options to increase customization options. The Core Fusion 2 LW editions (147, 152) are agile and have thinner rails, V-keel, and the light carbon construction make this the ideal go-to board in marginal conditions.


Whether in boots, straps, or simply freeriding, the Core Choice gives you exactly that – optimum choice and control of your riding style. CORE’s Cartan proprietary 30° Biaxial carbon fiber weave optimizes the board’s torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex, giving it more bang for the buck. Stainless steel V4A thread inserts are laminated into a reinforced base plate that sits deep in the core of the board, making the hold for the bindings/straps ‘bombproof’. The six channel tips are made up of two full length outer channels and four progressive inner channels that increase lateral support giving excellent grip and the option to ride with or without fins, and the forgiving rocker means that landings are smoother. This is a highly compliant board that will take pretty much any heavy maneuver you want to throw, and offer full control throughout.


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CORE’s Sensor 2 bar series features a clean, simple design in favor of maximum functionality with minimum fuss. The light 230g unibody bar has a rigid, direct, anticipatory feel with deep contoured EVA grips for comfortable hold on long sessions. The bar has an internal grade 5 titanium alloy truss reinforcement. The SSF (Supported Single Frontline) safety system is exclusive to CORE – when the 2-way Rotor quick release is activated, the kite will release all its power, and gently drift with the leading edge facing down and nose to the wind until the front tube touches the water. The kite will stay in a ‘drift launch position’ (nose to wind) until you are ready to relaunch. Untwisting after kiteloops is simple with the Auto Untwist system – front line twists occur below the Sensor 2 bar, and when the bar is pulled in, a below-the-bar swivel unravels the lines. The safety leash is short at 50cm long, with an ergonomic fit, and the loop/stick set is designed to move out of the way when hooking and unhooking, and prevents unintended unhooking too. The Sensor 2+ replaces the standard 24m lines with CORE’s Vario lines: 18m long with an additional with 2 and 4m extension, giving it extra room for experimentation.


CORE’s Sensor Pro bar has been in development for three years, and is the only titanium trussed, carbon fiber unibody bar on the market. The bar itself comes in at a featherweight 200g of 100% carbon fiber, with an aircraft quality, grade 5 titanium trussed core, making it a stiffer bar than the Sensor 2. The Sensor Pro also features CORE’s exclusive Tectanium Lines, designed by Liros, who are the market leaders in specialized aeronautical and sail cordage. Their innovative emulsion (protective coating) process means that the Tectanium lines will resist abrasion, dirt and UV radiation better than ever. They give virtually no stretch, and are 400% more resistant to elongation and feature 50% greater breaking strength. The lines are also 10% thinner and therefore more aerodynamic. These lines come in the same sizes as the Sensor 2+ bar, with base 18m lines and two extensions of 2 and 4m, so that you can fly your Sensor Pro bar with 18, 20, 22, or 24m Tectanium line lengths.

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