So after getting these questions so many times in the last few weeks about the new 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade I have decided it might be better to write about it.

Here at Surface 2 Air Sports ( We have had the opportunity to test the new 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade and the first question we get asked is has it changed? Answer:



So that being a big yes that the new 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade has changed let me tell you about just a few of the changes

Surface 2 Air Sports are a rider owned rider run company and we test all of the Kitesurf equipment we sell to be sure that the product is good and worth the price tag.

The 2016 switchblade has a noticeable difference in the Wing tips from the 2015 model in fact you can clearly see the new 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade has smaller wing tips, This helps improve performance by increasing the turning speed of the Cabrinha Switchblade 2016 plus giving the Switchblade a better high end. After 11 years we have seen the Cabrinha Switchblade change from the super grunty low end power machine of the early days that kitesurfers became to love, Move on a few years and the Switchblade had huge changes to make the kite fly closer to the edge of the window and give the it more de-power and better up-wind performance, With these changes the rider lost the low end power of this much loved kite.

Well this year the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade really does answer those questions. The low end power is back and it packs a good punch so the heavy guys will love the switchblade now that this feeling of low end power is back in the kite like the early days.

But this has not slowed the kite down no in fact the Cabrinha Switchblade 2016 is faster then the current 2015 model and has better low end, But how? By reducing the wing tips this has increased the speed of the kite but the low end has not been affected. The focus of the profile of the kite is more in the center of the kite giving it that high performance feel and keeping that low end power.

Cabrinha Switchblade 2016 Settings:

The settings on the wing tips for the lines have options to increase or decrease both power and speed as you would expect. But as you get the kite out the bag your see its setup for the faster setting (A SETTING) so your feel the difference on the first flight of the new Cabrinha Switchblade 2016 kite.

Like the old Cabrinha Switchblade? Don’t want it to change? Don’t worry If you set up the 2016 Switchblade kite on the (B SETTINGS) your feel at home as this setting is that more traditional Switchblade feel. So with the new 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade we here at Surface2Air Sports fell that you get the best of both worlds lets say 2 for 1!

We here at Surface2Air Sports hope that this helps you if your thinking about upgrading to the new 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade kite or not. We also hope that you give us a call as we offer both the best prices on the new Cabrinha Kites and part exchange your old equipment.

We will add photo’s here as we get permission from Cabrinha to release them.

Below is a summery of the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Kite.


Decreased size of wing tips + bringing the focus of the profile more towards the center of the kite = Improved performance.

  • More top end performance
  • Increased lower range, bottom end power
  • Faster turning in the setting that comes out of the bag (A setting)
  • Option B setting, offers the more traditional Switchblade feel. Best of both worlds. 2 for 1.

 For more information of the new 2016 range of Cabrinha Kites give us a call on 01202 738448 and we will be happy to help.

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Thanks for reading

Surface 2 Air Sports.

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