Here at S2AS, we strive for the best gear to offer to our customers. Hyperlite have been at the top of their game for a while now, and it’s safe to say that they will keep improving. Take a look at our top 5 boards and our top 5 bindings for 2017!

Top 5 Boards:�

2017 Hyperlite #Hashtag Cable Wakeboard:2017-hyperlite-hashtag-cable-wakeboard

The Hashtag is Nick Davies’ Pro Model for 2017. The board is available in a 141 and a 146, which Nick and Aaron both agreed on was the sizes to go for. The larger sizing on the boards means the surface area is dramatically increased, to help break and soften the landings for Nick’s huge tricks. Tip to tail channelling is also a feature in the Hashtag, putting the edging abilities on a whole other level. The new concave exit tunnel get’s you locked into the rails like no other board. The hard continuous rocker was an obvious choice for Nick in the Hashtag, it gives him the pop and the lock he needs. An amazing choice for the park rider.


2017 Hyperlite Union Cable Wakeboard:2017-hyperlite-union-cable-wakeboard

Trever Maur’s weapon of choice, the Union. Much like the Wishbone, except for one thing; the fully machined Crossover Full Flex Core. This technology combines E-Core and Bio 3 materials to create a lightweight and durable core, perfect for the park. The power press on the board is an� exaggerated kick near the end of the board that allows riders to lock into heavy nose and tail presses. The Monocoque construction means that the top sheet of glass and the bottom sheet are joined together. This prevents any de-lamming and strengthening the sides of the board further. Perfect for the rider who wants to throw the biggest tricks and slides out there!


2017 Hyperlite Wishbone Cable Wakeboard:2017-hyperlite-wishbone-cable-wakeboard

Part of JD Webb’s 2017 Collective, the Wishbone features a 100% Bamboo Airstick Core. This core reduces weight dramatically, while still retaining all the strength you want in a cable board. The Carbon Torsion Zone featured in the Hyperlite Line-Up integrate strength and energy into every board they’re put into, allowing for unmatched pop and overall durability. Shaped by the one and only� Aaron Stumpf, the board is a winner this year.


2017 Hyperlite PBJ Cable Wakeboard:2017-hyperlite-pbj-cable-wakeboard

Forgiving and Flexy, Hyperlite bring you the 2017 PBJ. A slightly different shape this year, which the S2AS Team liked. We also liked the fact that the board is super thin, massively reducing weight for those big air tricks. Featuring ABS Side-Walls, a Sintered Enduro Base, and Hyperlite’s new E-Core, made from 100% wood. The Continuous Rocker along with the Diamond shaped tip and tails greatly enhance the Ollie when you’re coming up to any feature, and help you stomp that back-lip 270 you were after.

2017 Hyperlite Jam Cable Wakeboard:2017-hyperlite-jam-cable-wakeboard

Jimmy Larichie’s Model for 2017, the Jam brings new life to cable riding. The new board to the 2017 Hyperlite Line-Up features the new Fully Machined Full Flex Core and a Soft Flex Pattern for those nice tweaked slides. The Urethane Sidewalls and Curved Rail Channels are a first for Hyperlite, massively reducing the risk of taking on water to the new Wood and Foam Mixed Core. But don’t worry, the core is surrounded by their Bomber Construction, so if you do ever take on water it won’t be game over. The Jam is the unique new board from Hyperlite that will definitely leave you wanting one!

So guys that’s the 2017 Hyperlite Cable Collective Line-up. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section! Remember to check them our at https://www.s2as.com or pop in store and we can try get you a demo!


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