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      Big Air Kites

      Want to fly? Take your Kitesurfing to the next level with these Big Air Kitesurfing kites. Here at S2AS one of the UK's leading Kitesurf centres, we stock a huge range of kitesurfing kites from a variety of top brands including Cabrinha Kitesurf KitesCore Kitesurf KitesOcean Rodeo KitesSlingshot Kitesurf Kites. Our Big Air Kites are designed specifically for riders who love to jump big and reach new heights.

      1. Core Kites: XR - Unleash the Power of Air

      Key Features:

      • High Lift and Hangtime: Core's XR range is renowned for its exceptional lift and hangtime, making it a favorite among big air enthusiasts. The kite's design promotes powerful boosts, allowing riders to reach impressive altitudes.

      Technology Highlights:

      • ExoTex Dacron: The ExoTex Dacron material enhances the XR's durability and stability, ensuring consistent performance in demanding conditions.
      • Future-C Shape: Core's Future-C Shape contributes to the kite's direct responsiveness and pivotal role in delivering explosive jumps.

      2. Cabrinha: Switchblade - Elevating Big Air Performance

      Key Features:

      • Predictable Power Delivery: The Cabrinha Switchblade is celebrated for its predictable and consistent power delivery, making it an ideal companion for riders aiming for massive jumps and controlled hangtime.

      Technology Highlights:

      • 4-line Pulleyless System: Cabrinha's 4-line Pulleyless System simplifies the Switchblade's design, promoting direct and responsive control for precise big air maneuvers.
      • High Tenacity Dacron: The use of high tenacity Dacron enhances the kite's durability, ensuring it can withstand the forces generated during high-flying jumps.

      3. Xenon: Air - Soaring to New Heights with Style

      Key Features:

      • Freestyle Mastery: The Xenon Air is designed to cater to freestyle enthusiasts, providing explosive pop and hangtime for riders looking to push their big air limits with stylish maneuvers.

      Technology Highlights:

      • 3-Strut Design: Xenon's 3-strut design contributes to the Air agility and responsiveness, essential for executing precise big air tricks.
      • Surf Tough Construction: The Surf Tough Construction ensures the Air can handle the rigors of freestyle riding, delivering reliable performance in high-flying scenarios.

      4. Slingshot Sports: RPM - Boosting Big Air Performance

      Key Features:

      • Explosive Pop: The Slingshot RPM is celebrated for its explosive pop, allowing riders to generate significant lift for impressive big air jumps and tricks.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Split Strut: Slingshot's Split Strut design enhances the RPM's stability and contributes to its lightweight structure, ideal for achieving big air and hangtime.
      • One Pump Speed System: The One Pump Speed System simplifies the inflation process, ensuring riders spend more time in the air and less time preparing their equipment.

      5. Ocean Rodeo: Razor - Precision in the Air

      Key Features:

      • Precision Control: The Ocean Rodeo Razor is designed for riders seeking precision control during big air sessions, delivering the lift and responsiveness needed for impressive jumps.

      Technology Highlights:

      • Direct De-power System: Ocean Rodeo's Direct De-power System enhances control and safety, allowing riders to fine-tune the Razor's power for big air maneuvers.
      • Dynamic Arc: The Dynamic Arc design optimizes the Razor's shape, promoting aerodynamics and ensuring riders achieve maximum hangtime during jumps.



      What defines a "big air" kite, and how is it different from other kite types?

      Big air kites are designed specifically for riders who aim to achieve maximum height and hangtime during jumps. These kites typically feature characteristics such as a high aspect ratio, increased lift, and powerful boosting capabilities. Unlike other kite types, big air kites prioritize lift and hangtime over maneuverability, making them ideal for riders who want to perform impressive aerial tricks and reach impressive altitudes.

      Can I use a big air kite for other styles of kitesurfing, or is it exclusively for jumping?

      While big air kites are optimized for impressive jumps and hangtime, many models are versatile enough to handle other styles of kitesurfing. Riders can often adjust the kite's settings to balance between lift and maneuverability. However, it's essential to consider the rider's skill level, preferences, and the specific design features of the kite. Riders looking for an all-around kite may choose models that offer a good compromise between big air performance and versatility.

      What factors should I consider when choosing a big air kite for my skill level?

      When selecting a big air kite, factors such as your skill level, wind conditions, and riding goals play a crucial role. Beginners may benefit from kites that offer stability, ease of use, and forgiving characteristics. Advanced riders, on the other hand, may seek kites with more aggressive boosting capabilities and precise control for executing complex tricks. It's advisable to consult with experienced riders or kite instructors to find a suitable big air kite that aligns with your skill level and aspirations.

      How do kite design features contribute to big air performance?

      Several design features influence a big air kite's performance, including:

      • Aspect Ratio: A higher aspect ratio often results in increased lift and better performance in terms of height and hangtime.
      • Canopy Shape: Kites with a flatter canopy shape may generate more lift, contributing to impressive jumps.
      • Bridle System: The bridle system affects the kite's responsiveness and turning speed, influencing its overall performance during big air maneuvers.
      • Leading Edge: The leading edge's design can impact the kite's stability, control, and aerodynamics, all crucial factors for achieving big air.*