Snowboard Boots
Snowboard boots are one of if not the single most important bit of kit you’re going to get. It’s important then to get it right. � Great fitting boots will make your trip away incredible, whereas bad fitting boots will hurt and if you’re new to the sport, will possibly put you off.� You can judge sizes and buy the rest of your kit off the internet, but with boots, it’s always best to try before you buy! � Never buy second hand, all boots worthwhile these days are thermo moulded which means after time they will set around your feet perfectly. � Lending them to people or using someone else’s will wreck the fit of the boot.
There are many different shapes and styles of boot out there and while some systems will work well for you, you may dislike other systems – it’s what works best for you. The most important thing when thinking of getting boots is to try on as many different makes and styles as you possibly can, think of it like the wand buying scene from Harry Potter where he tries out nearly every wand in the shop until he finds the right one. � The most important aspects of a boot is comfort and to avoid heel lift.
The main types of boot lacing systems are: quick lace; the boa system; regular lacing and hybrid lacing systems.� As well as looking at the preferred lacing system, it is important to take into account the stiffness of the boot. Soft boots are ideal for the beginner to intermediate rider and stiffer boots are more responsive and are therefore perfect for the more advanced rider.
Lace up boots

Lace ups are the original snowboard boot.� They are classic looking and you can make certain areas tighter than others. They are also super easy to repair in the unlikely event that anything does go wrong with the laces, as you can just buy new ones.� Some of the drawbacks are that they are difficult to do up with half frozen hands when your half way up a mountain if they start to get loose.


This type of lacing system has many different names but they are all pretty much the same system.� There are two handles at the side that you pull to tighten the lower and upper parts of the boot. � This system is simple and quick to use and also good if you want the foot loose and the ankle tight. � This lacing system is also easy to change and adjust on the go if your boots become loose while riding.

Boa has really come a long way since their release.� The original boa laces were known to snap occasionally, however the new ones are near invincible. They have also upgraded some of the newer models with the Boa Coilers which self coil in and save the need for the endless tightening.� Boa comes in two main types single and double.� The single Boa had the one Boa that tightens up the whole boot and the double Boa is like the quick lace system. � It has one for up top and one for the lower half. These are great for those of you that are in a hurry and want ease of use!!


Some boots utilise a combination of systems, which can be seen above. � These boots have a boa to tighten around the ankle which will help prevent heal lift and lock the heel down. � On other hybrid models you can tighten the liner and these models still have the original lace on the exterior of the boot.

Lacing systems like the above (Speed Lacing) have a strap to help tighten key areas usually found around the toe area or around the calf. � It all depends on the shape of your feet.
To summarise – there are plenty of different types of boot out of there and there will defiantly be some out there that will fit you perfectly. It’s just important to keep an open mind about colour, look, brand, even price and to concentrate on whether or not they fit. At the end of the day most of them will be covered up by your snowboard pants and binding straps anyway. I cannot emphasise enough to try as many pairs as possible to get the perfect fit! � Just because you’re a size in one model doesn’t mean you will be the same size in another.
To find the perfect fitting boot, bend your knees and your toes should be brushing the end of your boot.� Moveable toes are warm toes!!
There’s no point skimping on your cash and getting the wrong size as you will have a lousy time and probably end up forking out for new ones anyway.
Good luck finding a pair!
If your looking for the perfect pair of Snowboard Boots give us a call.
Ian Mosby @ Surface2Air Sports

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