We have just come across a sick little rider, Brandon. At the age of 13 he quickly learnt how to wakeboard and he has really made an impression on us. We wanted to share this with you guys along with some photographs.

Brandon, age 13

Brandon Wakeboarding

Brandon lives in Leigh, Lancashire and has been wakeboarding since May 2013 at Salford Wake Park. His first competition was in the summer at Blackpool and despite being new to cable wakeboarding; Brandon came first in his category. His second competition in Liverpool also saw him come in first place more recently in September.

Brandon 1st Place

Brandon is a dedicated rider and after winning his second competition his parents realised how much potential he had with his style. He has been practicing all summer; each time improving his skills with his coach Matt Boote. His coach said “he had it” and described him as “rhythmically aggressive”.

Brandon Wakeboarding Skills

He has participated in seven competitions so far, winning all of them and is now the regional champion for the North. Brandon has 2 more competitions left on the Grass Roots Tour 2013 and this weekend he is going to Club Wake, where he will be Regional Champion for the Midlands. His last competition is at Glasfryn Wake Park on 2nd November and hopefully (fingers crossed) he will be the National Champion, winning 9 out of 9 competitions.

Wakeboarding jump

1st Place

Things couldn’t get any better for Brandon right now and it’s remarkable at how well he is performing after only five months of wakeboarding – what a star! He absolutely loves wakeboarding and his second passion is snowboarding. Great work Brandon!


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