Ellingham hosted its first ever wakeboarding competition this year on Saturday 13th July 2013. We were sponsoring the competition and it was such a fantasticday with some superb riders, smashing out some great moves. Lots of people came down to watch the riders and enjoy the afternoon with a BBQ and drinks.

18 guys and girls took part in this event and big prizes included up to £175 worth of S2AS vouchers and other prizes were kindly supplied by DC. Every rider was absolutely brilliant, but we did have to choose the winners:

Man performing a wakeboard move in the air upside down

1st place went to the incredible Rob Hewat
£100 S2AS vouchers

Women wakeboards across the lake, ready for a jump
Women performs a wakeboarding move in the air

2nd place went to Emma Jane who was the only female rider in the competition

£50 S2AS vouchers

Brilliant wakeboarding jump in the air with hand grab

Great move performed in the air whilst holding on

3rd place went to James Price

£25 S2AS vouchers

The 3 winners with their prizes

The winners!

3 people sitting and watching the riders with a cold beerPeople eating from the BBQ
Chilling out with a cold beer and food from the BBQ watching the talented riders
Guy pulls off an awesome move the right side of the lake

Amazing rider performing a move in the air to the left, upside down

Wakeboard move in the air

Waterski on the lake
Great moves had by all!

Thanks to everyone that came down – we cant wait for next year!

Photographs by Sharon Dawes
Check out the video here made by Leigh Kennedy

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