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SIC was born of shaper/waterman Mark Raaphorst. Hailing originally from the Netherlands, he left at the age of 16 to fulfill his windsurfing dreams, which, like so many windsurfers, landed him on the north shores of Maui, Hawaii here he fulfilled his dream of becoming a waterman, making a living doing board repairs, and learning the craft of shaping from the masters. Soon after, Raaphorst established Ding King Fiberglass Works repair shop. Tearing apart boards gave him a unique insight into board construction, quality, and materials. It was not long before Raaphorst was shaping boards and building outrigger canoes out of his facility.
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During the pioneering days of SUP, many legendary watermen came to Mark and asked him to shape a board to paddle in waves and paddle down the coast. Mark took their input and began to shape some of the earliest SUP boards, which would help the sport get off the ground and drive the early days of innovation.  

In 2006 Mark created his brand, "Sandwich Islands Composites." The Sandwich Islands being the name that Captain James Cook, British Explorer, Navigator, Cartographer, gave the Hawaiian islands in honor of Lord Sandwich who had sponsored the voyages. 

"For all of us at SIC, hitting the water is about fun and part of our job. We have the privilege to dream, create and test boards, foils, wings, and surfboards. We learn something new every time we are on the water and from each other’s experience riding and trying new gear, and then we get to put them into production for your pleasure." - Mark Raaphorst