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Oakley is one of our biggest brands at S2AS, and and it is easy to see why. From sports equipment to lifestyle chillers, Oakley really does do it all. Their all-new Prizm Technology is insane, the quality of view in the lens along with the colour grading make it one of the sharpest, best viewing lenses on the market right now. Whether you're looking you're looking for Snow Goggles, Sunglasses or Outerwear there's certainly a premium product to suit your needs Check them out below, and choose your weapon!
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Oakley is probably one of the most popular sports gear and eyewear brand in the world, with an assortment of different products! Oakley is a huge multi-national company that presides over a range of different products, from sports gear to helmets to clothing and in particular eyewear both sport specific sunglasses and goggles to more lifestyle specific pieces!

Owner and founder of Oakley, Jim Jannard, began the company back in 1975, starting with an initial investment of $300, and running the company for his from his garage. The name of the company was chosen Jannard’s dog, "Oakley". The first product to go on sale was the Oakley Grip a motorcycle grip, which he sold from the back of his car at a number of different motocross events. These grips proved to be imensely popular being made of a material Jim had patented himself under the name of ‘Unobtainium’. 

Currently all ear socks made for the Oakley glasses are still made from the Unobtainium, while various nose pieces of made of the same material. Very quickly Oakley began to diversify, slowly introducing a range of other products such as number plates, elbow guards, chin guards as well as goggles designed exclusively for the BMX and motorcycle lovers.

In 1980, a pair of goggles known as the O Frame was introduced with the Oakley brand name on its side. This led to an increase in the overall reputation and recognition that the company enjoyed, and by 1983, Oakley had begun to manufacture ski goggles too. This is also when Oakley began to manufacture sunglasses, the first of which were the Factory Pilot Eye shades, which were more oriented towards sports, the OakleyFrogskinn followed soon afterwards as a more casual lifestyle model.

Since then Oakley has continued to grow now being one of a few companies that have a US Standard Issue, which means that it provides eyewear to the US Military as well as various law enforcement firms within the country. Currently, they have a very large sports team roster that Oakley maintains and some of the world’s best athletes can be found on their portfolio, in everything from BMX to Skiing and anything in between!

At present, Oakley is one of the largest companies developing eyewear and other sports goods in the world, and has become such a huge force in just over thirty years, the company just proves to be a testament to the hard work that was put in by the owner of the firm and how it has grown from strength to strength, currently holding over 600 different patents and most recently developing there Prizm lens technology for enhanced optical vision.