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Follow Impact vests for wakeboarding just ooze style, this really is one of our favourite brands here at S2AS! Described as the only wakeboard impact vests that you don't need to cover up with a T-shirt. They look great and with 3 different sizings, the fit is incredible. Follow is born out of Australia from a really cool crew and amazing bunch of team riders.
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Follow is a wakeboarding wearables and accessories brand founded in 2010, committed to creating products with a qaulty that you can touch and feel. From materials, to function and finish, they take no shortcuts!

Staying true to their earliest motivations, they created a brand, undistracted by fads, products that riders are proud to wear. 

Follow began in 2010 with a line of tow handles and a few small accessories built with a few simple rules in mind “no gimmicks, no bright lights, just good quality product that works”.

Today Follow is known for a wide range of essential riding accessories and wearables, one of the most epic and diverse teams in the industry and a passion for creating the best possible products for the rider, all while keeping the same core belief ingrained in every piece.

Innovating with with their SPR range, Follow have been working hard to reduce their air and water emissions contributing to a cleaner environment and progressing towards a much more sustainable production process. The sustainable performance range is a step in the right direction for protecting all our futures.