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DC started out as a shoe brand in 1994, and have been moving their way up the ranks in the Snowboard industry for a while now. They have an awesome lineup of Snowboards that are at a really good price for what they are; the Mega and the Supernatant stand out for us. They also have an amazing selection of outerwear that’s really high quality, as well as accessories that we are all used to already.
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Founded by Damon Way and Ken Block, DC Shoes began in 1994 as a premium skate brand!

One of the first skateboard shoe companies to make extensive use of professional endorsements, by '96 DC's skateboarding team had grown to eight pros who went on a world tour. Garnering tremendous coverage from its promotional events designed to showcase their pro's talents. By the late 90's snowboarding was a natural extension for the brand as half of skaters they sold to snowboarded! Not just boots, but outstanding outerwear and exceptional boards aswell.

Now DC Shoes' primary focus is on designing and manufacturing the highest quality footwear, specializing in skateboarding shoes and snowboarding boots along with complementary yet functional apparel. The quality of their products is matched only by the integrity of their business practices and employment environment. DC takes pride in its cultivated relationships with the media, stores it chooses to work with and of course their customers!