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Put some fun into your board with the new Crab Grab Snowboard Stomp Pads. A small company made by one man, his wife and their dog, designed and developed to put the fun back into your snowboarding!
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Crab Grab is a small family business based in Oregon!

The company began because Preston Strout (the founder) wanted to make a product that inspired riders to kind of “refocus” snowboard tricks on style. He felt the days of really tweaking unique grabs somehow got replaced with just grabbing mute and spin-corking till you land. And seeing Crab Grab rails your board would be a great reminder of how amazing a simple poked out grab can feel. With Scott Stevens and Jesse Burtner as their first two team riders, the brand and products quickly grew!

The average rider does't just go to their local mountain and try to some triple cork. On the other hand, catching a few feet of air off a bump and grabbing their snowboard just makes sense to anyone. Crab Grab can inspire snowboarders new and old to have fun enjoying the simple, stylish, creative fun that is the foundation of snowboarding!