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On the team, Brunotti have one of the best current Kitesurfing riders in the game; Youri Zoon. Youri develops all the kiteboards and the harnesses, which makes them very unique and true to what Kitesurfers want. They also have a range of kitesurfing bags and travel bags to suit your needs, as well as a few Wakeboards too. Wetsuits and ponchos are not a problem either, with high-quality items from Brunotti that will last you for years.
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In 1979 Italian born Claudio Brunotti founded Brunotti at the age of 23, whilst holidaying in Dutch surf spot Scheveningen, the professional windsurfer fell in love with the vibe and opportunity to perform all boardsports. By combining his passions, with his unique Italian style and desire for quality crafted products Claudio began shaping his own colourful boards. In order to promote his new board business Claudio soon began producing colourful T-shirts and beachwear to get the word out and the true might of Brunotti as a Lifestyle Board Brand was born.

After nearly 40 years in the industry have remained strong to their heritage as a leading Boardsports brand. Recent campaigns such as their #getonboard initiative which encouraged as many people to as possible to ‘get on board’ no matter their ability further reflect Brunotti’s desire not only maintain but actively develop the all aspects of the boardsports scene from longboards to wakeboards, surfboards to kiteboards, SUP-boards and everything in between.

In order to maintain high standards of quality Brunotti works closely with their Pro riders in combination with utilizing the knowledge of industry professionals with 35+ years experience such as Jinne Sietsma and Peter Thommen. This allowed for the creation of their RDP (Rider Developed Product) line, developing outstanding products such as the Youri Pro Kiteboard, a proven freestyle wonder that built with Brunotti’s unique Displacement Hull, an incredible feature designed to disperse water on landings before the rest of the board meaning dramatically smoother landings.